Can you Disable Telegram stories? Yes you can hide

On your telegram app on iphone or android, if you are wondering how to hide or disable telegram stories then you can easily do that and you need to go to the stories section on top of your telegram app and hide stores.

Telegram sometimes makes it difficult to use and it’s irritating to see too many stories on telegram and Telegram gives you the option to hide stores and stores will be archived and you can unarchive as well from the archived section anytime you want.

Disable Telegram Story Sound Notification

You can turn off telegram story notification and get rid of story sound notifications -> Open telegram -> Click on 3 lines on left side menu -> Tap on Settings -> Notification Sound and  -> Toggle button next to Stories and Disable telegram sound notifications.

Can you disable Telegram stories?

Follow below steps to disable or hide telegram stores.

Step 1: Open telegram app and on top you will see telegram stories

Step 2: Find the profile or contact that you want to hide or disable telegram stories

Step 3: Tap on hold on telegram contact that you want to hide and a new pop up menu will appear

Step 4: Tap on Hide Stories option and this will hide telegram story from your telegram app and it will not display,

Now, your telegram story of your contact is hidden and archived and its temporary.

Disable My Stories on Telegram

If you want to disable my stories on telegram then you can simply go to my stories of telegram app and go to my stories menu and tap on gear icon and disable and enable my stories on telegram app.

How Can I Stop Seeing Telegram stories?

If you want to stop setting telegram stories of someone then tap and hold on telegram story on top of your telegram app stories section and tap on hide stories option and this will hide story from telegram app.

Vakula Devi
Vakula Devi
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