Does Telegram App Show Your Number?

If you have Joined telegram and wondering if someone can view your number on telegram. Telegram App on Android or iPhone wont allow you to view phone number by default and telegram shows your phone number if they have saved your number already on their phone and you know each other then only telegram will show number.

Telegram app is known for the privacy and security and it is one of the most secure messaging app and its completely safe and can’t be hacked. No one can hack into your telegram and crack it and read messages on telegram app and read your conversation in telegram app.

Does Telegram App Show Phone Number to Everyone?

Telegram app by default hides your phone number and cant be viewed by anyone and only contacts can see your phone number who you already know, who are in your contacts and no one else from telegram app group members can view phone number on telegram.

Hide Phone Number on Telegram App and Show Phone number to Contacts Only

If you want to hide a phone number to show only for people you know, who are in contacts then you need to change privacy and security settings and set it to contacts only.

Step 1: Open Telegram App and Tap on Settings icon on bottom menu

Step 2: Under Privacy Settings -> Tap on Phone Number

Step 3: Now, here, you need to select contacts only and Under who can find my phone number to  My contacts.

When you select contacts only, then only contacts will be able to view your phone number on telegram.

Show number to No One on Telegram App

You can also hide phone number on telegram and if you dont want to show telegram app to no one, your contacts also, then you can hide phone number on telegram app to no one.

Step 1: Open Telegram app and go to settings

Step 2: Select Phone Number option

Step 3: Select No One here and Under Who can find my number -> Select My contacts and this will hide phone number completely.

Once you change settings on telegram app then no one will be able to find your phone number.

Can people on Telegram app can view your Number?

No! If you have added to telegram groups and people who you dont know cant view or see your phone number, until and unless you save their phone number to your contacts or you both people know each other..

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