Enable and Access Pro Settings on Sony Smart TV and Do Professionally Settings

On sony smart tv there are different types of mode on sony bravia smart tv like Normal Mode, Pro Settings Mode, pro Mode. You can go to pro setting or pro model settings toll and use advanced features on sony smart tv which gives you more ability to control sony tv picture settings and other settings to customize it as per your need in professional settings and make picture quality look better and clear using pro model settings toll on sony smart tv. So, let’s see in detail.

Access pro settings on sony smart tv

You can shift from normal mode to pro mode easily by using pro settings or pro model tool app on sony tv and you can access pro settings or pro mode toll in two ways you can go to apps section on sony smart tv in app.

Access Pro Settings on Sony Smart TV

Follow below steps to enable and access pro settings or pro mode tools on sony bravia smart tv.

Step 1: Grab your sony tv remote and press home button

Step 2: Now, Using Arrow keys go to Apps section on top menu

Step 3: IN Apps section -> Press side arrow and Select Pro Mode Tool and Open it.

Once you open and access pro mode tool on sony smart tv then you will be able to access more professional tools here and picture settings, wide mode, Power scheduling, Screen mirroring, Periodicrestrat and you can do more with Pro settings (Pro Mode tool) on sony smart tv.

Enable Pro settings or Pro Mode Settings Using Remote Control

Step 1: Turn on Sony Smart tv and be on sony tv home screen

Step 2: On sony tv remote -> Press these button one by one in the same order here

Step 3: Press Info button on sony tv remote and then press Mute -> Press volume up and then home button.

Step 4: Now, your sony smart tv will be restarting and reboot and after successful reboot you will be able to access Pro settings on sony tv.

That’s it, this is how you access pro settings on sony smart tv using remote control commands.

How to Access Pro Settings on Sony Bravia Smart tv

Once you have enabled pro settings or pro mode settings on sony tv you can access pro settings on sony tv by going to settings and then System preferences and then click on Pro settings and access pro settings and make changes.

Why I Am Seeing Pro Settings in Process

If you are setting pro settings in process on sony bravia smart tv then pro settings are enabled on sony tv and you are not in normal mode on sony tv and you need to go to settings pro mode tool and disable it and enter normal mode on sony tv.

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