best picture settings for sony bravia led tv

Best Picture Settings for Sony Bravia LED Tv

If you bought a new Sony Bravia TV, then default pictures settings may not be and Optimized for you. When you want to get the best quality pictures , you need to set several settings which you have to change. With this, you can enjoy your favourite shows, movies and other contents exactly the director presented. So, here are some best picture settings for the Major Sony Bravia TV brand. if you want to calibrate your smart TV manually then press menu or settings on your remote and followed by picture settings. With this you can change your TV brightness, picture more and contrast.


If you set your TV brightness level very high these makes your black areas lighter, which make your image washed out look.  if you are sitting brightness level is very low, it makes your picture look totally dark. So, it better option to choose your  brightness level at default or are set it to 50%.

Movie/cinema (picture mode)

You can change your picture mode on your TV. In these days, some TVS come with several picture modes, when compared with other brands Sony Bravia TV has better settings for Sharpness, brightness, backlight and many more. In cinema/movie mode your picture looks accurately closer to the filmmaker created. with setting the image become dimmer and bit redder.

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 Normal/standard mode

This mode is better if you want to watch the TV in a day and night times. which provides a  good balance between vivid or dynamic mode, movie or cinema mode,  and also suitable for several lighting conditions.

Dynamic/vivid mode

If your room is brighter, then you need to consider this mode, because it gives brightest output. with this mode you can experience good quality of picture, similarly the director created one .


Contrast settings changes your TV white level or whitest part of your picture. if you set your contrast too low, the picture quality will flat or drained. if it is too high you will lose bright scenes. if you want to find correct contrast setting then pause on the movie scene with brighter area like snow or clouds. And turn your contrast to 100% and now start decreasing till you find every details of the brightest area.

Backlight is lower better 

By changing your LED TV backlight actually it changes screen spontaneity.  if you set higher blacklight you can see more details on the picture. If you set your blacklight very low with this light parts of an picture appears too bright. you can change your LED TV blacklight settings  based on your room brightness.


Sharpness sitting in your tv we will changes the edges appearance of your movie scenes. If you set your Sharpness very high which unable to improve your TV picture resolution or overall clarity with results in muddy image quality. if you set it too low you can get your picture resolution for clarity very good.