Sony Bravia Backlight Settings

Sony Bravia Backlight Settings

  • For the best viewing experience you can adjust backlight levels, light sensor settings for better view and save power as well.

Almost all older version televisions did not have any black light settings, while the manufacturer uses this type of Technology in new versions like LCD or HD or LED television. If you increase too much of black light the picture appears too bright and blows out, for this you need to adjust black lighting to increase the picture’s smoothness. But Sony TV providing an option for adjusting the level of black light and also correct this issue with this feature and experience best settings for sony bravia smart tv and brightness settings on sony tv.

Every Sony TV has a light sensor which will optimise the screen brightness by finding the ambient light in your room. If you are, ambient light is dark which increases brightness in a room. with optimised picture brightness you can save power consumption . . 

Sony Bravia Backlight Settings

Follow  the steps for backlight settings.

Step:1 on your remote control press home button and turn ON light sensor

Step:2 And choose settings option

Step:3 After that select system settings followed by ECO/ light sensor.

Step:4 Set the light sensor/ECO to ON

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Reduce Backlight

If you want to reduce blacklight and compensate picture dimming with contrast and brightness adjustments, follow the steps.

Step 1: Take your remote control and choose option button

Step 2: Now choose picture options followed by adjust

Cinema Mode

Adjust your settings to the cinema which makes your picture more warmer. To do this follow the steps

Step 1: Select option button on your remote control 

Step 2: And choose scene select followed by cinema

Adjust Backlight

Step:1 Firstly power on your Sony TV. Now select a channel with some pictures on it. For adjusting black light on your TV you need a picture on the screen.

Step:2 Now choose Menu on Your remote control. from that choose picture option.

Step:3 using the arrow button scroll till down until you find black light option

Step:4 By using right and left Arrow buttons you can decrease or increase blacklight. A slight Black Light will adjust this problem.

Step:5 Finally tap on the menu button again for accepting the changes. And exit the menu.

Hope this article may be helpful to you for adjusting Sony Bravia black light settings.