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Best Brightness and Contrast Settings for Smart tv

  • For the best viewing experience on your smart tv you can try to disable power saving feature, adjust color and temperature, motion smoothing dance, and contrast local dimming settings as explained.

We know that the best brightness and contrast settings menu Buried Deep your TV? With all these settings you can easily enjoy watching 4K HDR movies, streaming TV shows or video games. While brightness can be comfortable for watching your shows in day and night time, and picture motion looks more natural. Now-a-days many people spend a lot of time in front of TV.  In order to enjoy a high quality picture you need to adjust your brightness and contrast settings.

Disable power saving feature

These tips will depict the era of energy conservation, but coming to TVs eco-friendly settings will seriously effect your picture. while cranking down black light and also dimming your picture, TV’s can save a lot of power. But it’s not possible to get the best picture. Then search for settings in your TV menu section for eco or power saving. Then set it to off, or low. with this you will get a high contrast and brighter picture.

Adjust color temperature

Color temperature is determined as light emission. Which is measured in terms of Kelvin. And also it ranges from 1000 to 10000 Kelvin. if you reduce colour temperature it reduces emission of blue light. if you lower the color temperature which may result in higher red or yellow color, which may decrease picture quality. if you want to watch high quality pictures, you need to increase color temperature.

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 Motion smoothing dance

Whenever if you not noticed soap opera effect means you have experienced tv motion feature. with this your picture look unnatural. For majority of cases it should be off.  if you want to do this task go to settings in your TV and search for motion, slow or smooth words in it. And turn it to off mode.

Contrast/local dimming

This local dimming splits  your TV screen to various zones with this the dark parts of the screen become dim without affecting bright areas. By this the contrast look better for watching movies especially in dark room. So it’s better to turn it on high,  if your TV has this option.

The above mentioned options will help you to adjust your brightness and contrast settings in your TV for enjoying high quality of pictures in day and night times.

Rajeshwari Chiluveru
Rajeshwari Chiluveru
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