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How to Reset Bios Settings without Opening Your Computer

If your windows 10 computer keeps on crashing when ever you turn on your computer and after some time windows 10 screen goes blue or windows 10 suddenly shuts down then you need to access bios setting and fix the problem and without opening your computer you can access and reset bios settings in windows 10 method will be very easy and helpful to reset bios settings in windows 10. lets see in detail how to reset bios settings in windows 10 without opening computer.

Reset Bios Settings without Opening your Computer

You can always remove the CMOS battery inside windows 10 computer

And to do that without actually having to open up your computer and just use software that’s already installed on your BIOS. Here I’m also going to show you all how to do that method as well so.

We want to boot to the boot menu and depending on your computer manufacturer it may be a different key so as your computer is booting up before it gets to the windows screen you may have to tap anything between the escape key f2 f4 f8 f12 these are the primary keys to enter bios and you can google whatever your specific company manufacturer is if you have your model number if it’s like a specific type of dell or hp or acer or something like that you want to just look it up and just type into google how to boot into bios and then just type in whatever your manufacturer name is and it should tell you which key to tap so you just keep tapping that key so you can see that’s where boot screen again and like I said it’ll be different for everybody but generally speaking once you’re on the boot menu here we’re going to use our arrow keys on our keyboard to navigate down to the enter setup option.


So you’re going to hit enter once you have that highlighted and you’re going to use the arrow keys once more to navigate and we’re going to scroll over to the right so you’re going to have keep scrolling over and you may have to see an option to set up default or something like that on the top but you can see down in our system key down on the way bottom that f9 loads the setup default and that’s what we’re going to select for this tutorial so we’re going to tap the f9 key it’s going to say load default configuration now the yes option is selected so we’re going to hit enter over that to select that and now you’re going to just tap f10 or whatever it says in your system key you can see what it says on my screen so it should serve as a pretty clear guide for you so like I said f10 I’m gonna to accept that so save configuration change and exit now gonna to tap enter to save the changes it will reboot and we should relaunch into windows and the bios should have been reset at this point .

That’s it this is how you reset bios in windows 10 without opening computer.