How to Turn on Airdrop on MacBook

If you are looking to turn on airdrop and wondering how to turn on airdrop on MacBook then its pretty simple, first you need to turn on Bluetooth in order to use Airdrop and airdrop allows you to enable and share or transfer files from your computer to another computer via airdrop and by turning on airdrop on your MacBook you can also connect your MacBook to smart tv wirelessly without any issue. So lets see in detail how to turn on airdrop on mac below.

Turn on Airdrop on MacBook pro or Air

Step 1: Click on the Go on top menu of your MacBook

Step 2: Select airdrop from drop down and click on it.

Step 3: Now, Air Drop settings screen will be prompted on your MacBook, which tells you to turn on Bluetooth to enable air drop.

Step 4: click on tun on Bluetooth. (if your Bluetooth is not turned on) from airdrop screen.

Step 5: Click on Allow me to be discoverable by -> By Using drop down, select everyone or Contacts.

Note: If your airdrop is not discoverable then you need to check the above settings and change settings of allow me to discoverable by – No One to Everyone.

That’s it, this is how you turn on Airdrop on MacBook.

What is the use of Airdrop on MacBook?

Airdrop allows you to share instantly with people nearby and allows you to transfer files or pictures on apple devices.

Can’t find airdrop on mac?

If you cant see airdrop on your MacBook, then make sure you are  connected to internet properly.

Make sure you have connected to the same Wi-Fi network on both your MacBook and your iPhone.

Make sure your airdrop is not in sleep mode, if airdrop is in sleep mode, just wake airdrop up by navigating airdrop from Go menu on top of your mac menu.

Shortcut to Open Airdrop?

You can also open airdrop by using shortcut buttons on your MacBook and to open airdrop press -> Command + Shift + R and it will instantly bring airdrop screen.

Airdrop is turned on MacBook but not connecting?

If your airdrop is turned on and you are connecting your MacBook to you iPhone, then you need to set it up once on your MacBook.

Once airdrop is turned on your iPhone->Open control panel centre and turn on Airdrop. On a mac, as them to go to the airdrop in the finder.

Airdrop on MacBook is not discoverable or not showing airdrop?

If your airdrop is not showing on other MacBook or apple devices or iPhone, then make sure that your airdrop settings on your MacBook while turning on is set to -> allow airdrop to be discovered by everyone. If airdrop settings allow me to discoverable only to me then airdrop will not show.

Where does airdrop files or pictures go on MacBook?

On MacBook airdrop files are saved on downloads folder and can be easily found at the bottom right corner of home menu bar.

How to airdrop from iPhone to mac?

Turn on airdrop on your MacBook and your iPhone and once your iPhone is discoverable and connected to your mac, just go ahead and select the files or pictures you want to send from iPhone to mac and select your mac and tap on share to send and once your file sharing is complete you will see an option sent and to view the shared file from your iPhone to mac, go to downloads folder on your MacBook.

Can I turn on airdrop without turning on Bluetooth?

No, to turn on airdrop you need to turn on Bluetooth first.

Shortcut on MacBook to open airdrop?

On your MacBook keyboard just press Command + Shift + R will bring you airdrop screen.

How to turn on airdrop?

Go->Select airdrop and turn on Bluetooth and select allow me to discoverable to everyone.

Cant see airdrop on iPhone?

Make sure your MacBook airdrop is turned on and set to allow me to discover by everyone, if it selected to none, then airdrop will not show if it is enable on your MacBook.

On MacBook Airdrop files are saved in?

Airdrop files by default are stored in downloads folder.

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