How to Airdrop from Mac to iPhone

How to Airdrop from Mac to iPhone | How to Airdrop a file from your Mac to iPhone?

  • To turn on Airdrop on your mac -> on the top menu -> Click on Go -> and Click on Airdrop -> Change settings at the bottom to everyone, so that people nearby can discover your by using airdrop.

Nowadays it is easier to share files and photos across many devices and airdrop lets you share instantly with nearby people. By using an Apple device, you can use Airdrop to send or receive a file if it is a large files or small file from an iphone to a MAC or an iPad with in one tap you can share your file easily as long as they are in range and if you cant turn on airdrop you need to troubleshoot and you can fix it on your own if airdrop not turning on or not connecting.

How to turn ON Airdrop on MacBook

For turning the airdrop on MAC there are certain steps you need to follow :

Step 1: Open Finder and then at the top left of the side panel click on Airdrop with Finder open

Or else you can click “ go “ from the taskbar from the top of the screen. And click Airdrop from the drop down menu.

Step 2: If you MAC Bluetooth or Wi-Fi turn off, so you need to turn on.

Step 3: From the Airdrop windows choose who can airdrop to you. Then click “Allow me to discover by “  or either you can choose “ contacts only “ or “ everyone”.

How to turn Airdrop on iPad and iPhone :

Step 1: Open settings from your iPhone.

Step 2: Click on general.

Step 3: From the general page select airdrop.

Step 4: On the Airdrop choose who you want to discoverable to by selecting “contact only “ or “ everyone “.

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5) How to use airdrop on iPhone

How to use Airdrop and Share a file from your Mac to iPhone?

Step 1:  Once an Airdrop is turned on in your iPhone, iPad or MAC you can then Airdrop the files.

Step 2: On your iPhone , open the application that you want to Airdrop from to send photos 

For example, open photos.

Step 1: Select the photos or files which you want to share ( you can select more than one at a one time).

Step 2: Next , tap on the share button which looks like a box with an arrow pointing out on it.

Step 3: The tap on  Airdrop icon , which will be listed first on the application icon.

Step 4: Next , tap the icon from the Mac you want to send a file then , the icon will say “ sent”  while sending the files.