How to Enable or Setup Right click on MacBook m1 pro and fix Click Not Working

  • To set up right click and set up trackpad right click behavior on macbook m1 pro -> Apple menu -> System preferences -> Click on Trackpad -> Select Secondary click and set the right click behavior using drop down menu.
  • To setup or enable right click behavior on mouse -> Apple menu -> Select System Preferences ->Mouse -> Select secondary click settings of mouse from here.
  • If left click on macbook or right click on macbook trackpad or mouse is not working then enable secondary click and reboot your macbook pro m1.

On your macbook pro m1 trackpad right click is not working then you need to first enable right click on mac and then change trackpad settings from secondary click to tap to click option from there and set the right click behavior on your MacBook pro m1 on macOS Monterey and macbook trackpad click is not working or keyboard not working on mac or camera not working and there is no green light then you can fix them easily on your own.

The same settings you need to change for mouse settings as well instead of double click you need to change these mouse settings to tap to click or you can also enable silent clicking and many other gestures options available on your MacBook trackpad setting and mouse settings.

Right click when touch on MacBook Pro M1 Trackpad

Step 1: Click on the apple logo on the top left corner.

Step 2: Click on System Preferences

Step 3: If you are using the mouse then you need to click on the mouse and if your macbook right click on trackpad is not working then you need to select the trackpad.

Step 4: Select the trackpad option

Step 5: Now, on the right sidebar -> Select the secondary click option and by default macbook allows you to click with two fingers.

Step 6: You can change these settings to -> click on the bottom right corner or select it to click on the bottom left corner.

Step 7: Once you make these changes then go ahead and close trackpad settings window.

That;s it, this is how you change settings of your trackpad and set the right clock on macbook m1 pro if click is not working on macbook pro m1.

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Right click when touch on MacBook Pro M1 Mouse

You need to do the same settings like you did for the right click of macbook trackpad and change right click settings on macbook pro m1 mouse.

Step 1: Click on apple logo on top menu

Step 2: Select System Preferences

Step 3: Now, select mouse from system preferences option,

Step 4: Now click on point and mouse

Step 5: Click on Checkbox side to -> Secondary click.

Step 6: Now, using drop down options -> Select it to choose on right side clicks on bottom right or bottom left and seit it to how to respond when you click on your mouse.

This is how you change the right click settings on your macbook pro m1 and fix any macbook pro right click on mouse not working or any other issues with trackpad and mouse right click or tap to click not working on your mouse.

Left click not working MacBook Pro M1

If you have set to left click on your macbook and you notice that your left click on your macbook pro is not working then you need to reboot your macbook pro once -> Apple menu -> System preferences -> Select Shut down option and once macbook restart your left click not working on macbook pro m1 will be fixed successfully.

How do I enable right click on my MacBook Pro?

To enable right click on your macbook you need to go to system preferences and select trackpad or mouse and click on the checkbox next to the secondary click option in point and click tab and enable right click on your macbook pro and change settings accordingly.

How to Right Click on a Mac Without a Mouse

To right click on mac without a mouse then you need to go ahead and enable trackpad right click options, if you want to use 2 fingers to click on single click – tap to click option from mouse settings on your macbook pro m1

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