How Can I Stop Receiving Unknown Numbers Messages and Video Calls on WhatsApp


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On Whatsapp if you want you can block and stop receiving unknown numbers messages and video calls from unknown numbers . WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications that you will find this application in every person who uses an smart phone.

Here are the certain things that you should  do to get  avoid by harassment on WhatsApp

Don’t Receive any Video call on WhatsApp from an unknown contact

Do not receive any video calls from strangers on WhatsApp . You need to just disconnect the call and check the number that is saved in contact or not. And whether do you know that person or not . If you don’t know the person simply block him or her.

Always Block the selfie camera with your finger before taking a video call from unknown person

If you are eager to receive all calls on WhatsApp  the first thing you need to do is to block selfie camera while receiving a WhatsApp video call from strangers. Only show your face till you get identify by the caller who is calling you.

Avoid receiving calls from the numbers that do not start with “+91”

Scammers and harassers usually hide their numbers . If you find a caller using a number that has a different country code from that of India ( +91) should disconnect it. This is because unless you have any friends or relative who live in abroad there is no way that you will get call from outside India.

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Allow only your contact to see profile picture or status message

Manager your WhatsApp that who can see you profile picture on your WhatsApp and do not set it to public this will let everyone to see your profile picture.

Don’t allow random people to add you to WhatsApp group

Change the privacy settings and allow only people who are in your contact list to add you to any new group on WhatsApp.

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