Are you Getting WhatsApp Missed Calls From International Numbers

On your whatsapp number if you are getting missed calls from international numbers like +81 +84,+62,+60,+42, +254, +234 etc and wondering who they are why are giving missed calls on your whatsapp then you are not alone and don’t pick up whatsapp calls from international numbers until and unless you know them and just ignore them and don’t panic.

Getting WhatsApp Missed Calls From International Numbers

Why WhatsApp Missed Calls From International Numbers?

Many whatsapp users are reporting this incident that they are receiving lot of missed calls rom international numbers and all of them lead to one single motive which is online scam, online jobs and be a part of their business and work from home jobs offer etc and don’t fall in trap with these whatsapp international missed call scam. You need to just ignore them and don’t answer the call and don’t get back to them as well and stay safe.

What is the Motive of Whatsapp Missed Calls from International Numbers

All missed calls numbers which you are receiving in whatsapp are scam numbers which will offer you a good amount of money jobs and scams. It depends on you and don’t fall into the trap of whatsapp missed calls scam or any other scam and don’t fall for them and the best whatsapp users can do is just block them on whatsapp and ignore them and don’t answer such unknown calls or call back to them.

What to Do if You Get WhatsApp Missed Calls from International Numbers?

Most of the whatsapp users are reporting they are getting just missed calls and when you get back to them in whatsapp chat or call, they will offer you a job or business offer or any bitcoin etc or any other which suits you better and will land you in trouble. All you need to do if you get whatsapp missed calls from an international number is just ignore them and block them asap and don’t pay attention to them and don’t waste time to think who they are and how they get your number. 

Government of India Sent Notice to WhatsApp

Due to increase of whatsapp international missed call scam, to protect india, govt is running awareness camps and asking whatsapp users to not to answer any such international calls if they receive from + 234, 254, +84,+62,+60,+42 and any unknown missed calls on whatsapp and center is deciding to send a notice to whatsapp as well.

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