Apple Watch Stuck on Temperature Warning Screen on Watch OS 7.5 / 8

Whenever the device gets hot , in this case the Apple watch performance must be taken under consideration. The more you use the Apple watch in a single day , easily it gets hot. 

If you have noticed that Apple watch is overheating while charging , although it is normal to the wearable , it’s power adapter and the charger cable become a little warm but not to that point of overheating.

Since, the Apple watch doesn’t have a built-in fan it is the best recommendation to use it in certain temperature between 32 degree to 90 degree Fahrenheit ( 0 to 35 degree Celsius) and it is best to store in temperature that range from -4 degree to 113 degree Fahrenheit( – 20 and 45 degree Celsius) it helps your watch to last for the longer period of time.

Fixes for Apple Watch Gets Overheated

Apple Watch Stuck on Temperature Warning Screen on Watch OS 7

Solution 1 : Restart Apple watch

When Apple watch overheats , it is because lot of running application in the background.

How to Restart Apple watch

Step 1: Press the side button located at the right side of the Apple watch.

Step 2: Wait for power off command to appear.

Step 3: Slide command from left to right to power off the Apple watch.

Step 4: Apple logo appear Apple watch is turned off.

Step 5: After 2 minutes slide on to power on button.

Step 6: Wait till the Apple watch completely restart.

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Solution 2 : Force Close the Application

When there are too many applications are running in the background will cause the Apple watch to heat up and eventually overheats.

Make sure to close application once in a while to prevent degrading it’s performance. Caused by too much heat and to fix Apple watch problem with overheat .

How to Force Close Application

Step 1: Press side button once .

Step 2: Application switcher will appear App Switcher is where all running apps are located which are represented as an App card.

Step 3: To force close the application swipe to the left the running card application.

Step 4: An x option will appear.

Step 5: Tap on x command to force close the application.

Solution 3 : Remove Apple Watch From the Charging

If you want to unplug the charger it from its magnetic charging cable. Let is sit in a cool dry place for about 10-15 minutes. When Apple watch is no longer in heat, restart it again.

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