iOS 14.5 New Update Released for iPhone and iPads and Unlock iPhone with Apple Watch, New Emoji, Privacy with What’s New?

New update for iPhone users have been released by makers and iPhone users can update their update to the latest versions and its new update iOS 14.5 have been rolled out and users will get notification to update their iPhone or they can manually update to latest iPhone versions which comes with lot of new features involved in iOS 14.5 which includes unlock your iPhone with apple watch, more options with SIRI Voice and privacy control and many more new features.

iPhone iOS 14.5 New Features and Updates?

Unlock iPhone with apple watch in ios14.5 update

Unlock iPhone with Apple Watch

Now, with iOS 14.5 new update you will have the ability to unlock your iPhone from your apple watch securely with close proximity to iPhone by simply glance at their phone and you will get a notification saying your iPhone has been unlocked.

Note: This new feature of unlocking iPhone with Apple watch works with only iPhone x and later devices and watch series 3 and later.

Siri Voice Options

During setup, siri offers two more diverse which no longer have default and gives users to select the one voice which speaks to them.

siri voice with ios 14.5 new features

New enhancements with siri voice has been tweaked with new iPhone iOS 14.5 update and provides more options with SIRI voice which allows users to choose the voice which speaks to them and siri voice now use neural text to speech technology for an implausible natural sound.

Not only that, now Siri voice with iOS 14.5 new compatibility options and supports for group facetime which makes users to initiate calls with multiple contacts or just ask SIRI to facetime the name of any group messages.

When coming to SIRI voice with air pods when connected siri can now announce incoming calls through AirPods or well-matched beats headphones and also supports emergency contact if unable to make a call.

Privacy Controls

Privacy control

Now, privacy controls of users kept in mind apple with new iOS 14.5 for iPhone users brings up the new App tracking transparency which requires iPhone users to get users permissions before tracking data from websites, apps and 3rd party advertainments before sharing their data.

New Emojis with iOS 14.5

New Emojis on iPhone with ios 14.5 update

New emojis have been introduced with iphone new update iOS 14 with couple of kissing emoji, couple with heart emoji, select different skin tones, face exhaling emoji, face in clouds, hearts on fire, woman with beard, face with spiral eyes.

New emojis with iphone

Apple Maps incident Report option

report an incident on iPhone

Users can now report incident like car accident, car crash up ahead and even iphone users can clear the incident as well which was reported which makes iphone users and driver aware of what’s ahead in their route. and iPhone users in countries like US and china can now select the map and easily report and incident or speed check in route by telling siri on iPhone or CarPlay.

sending report on apple maps with new update ios 14.5

iPhone users using this apple maps update users can share their ETA when walking or cycling to their family and friends by initiating new Share ETA option or with keyboard controls.

Apple Podcasts Redesigned

New Re-Design which makes easier for podcast to listen and also provides option to save or download episodes and downloaded podcasts will be added directly to library for quick access.

New Apple News features

Apple news tab redesigned with News+ tab and making subscribers find news quickly with News+ tab and manage newspaper, magazines with all new search experiences find news with relevant topics, channels and stories.


Now, Airtag allows users to keep track and find important things such as keys, wallets, backpack and more privately and securely in find my app.

Apple fitness+

With new apple fitness+ users can keep stream audio and video to Airplay 2 enabled Smart tvs and devices.


Now makes easier for iPhone users with new iOS 14.5 update by sorting by title, priority, creation date and also provides and option to print reminders lists.

5G Improvements

Improvements with 5G Dual sim support connectivity with smart data enhancements and also optimize the experience on the network like battery life, and data usage.

Voice control Accessibility

With iOS 14.5 voice control approachability has been improved by providing users inclusive navigation with just by voice and makes it easier to start listening with podcasts.

What are iOS 14.5 new features?

Unlock iPhone with Apple Watch

Siri Enhancements

More Privacy options for users

New Emoji

Report an incident with Apple Maps

Apple news


Apple fitness+


Voice control for Accessibility

5G Improvements

What are the New Emojis Introduced in iPhone ios 14.5 latest versions?

Couple kissing emoji, couple with heart emoji, ability to select different skin tone with emojis. Character and face exhaling emoji, face with spiral eyes, face in clouds, hearts on fire, Mending heart, women with beard.

Which iPhones are comaptable to Update new iOS 14.5 Apple Update?

All iPhone are eligible to update to the latest version iOS 14.5 and if unlock your iPhone with Apple it works only with apple devices like iPhone x or later and apple watch series 3 and later.

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