Fix and Causes Apple Watch Unexpectedly Stopped Charging After Update

  • Restart your apple watch and turn off bluetooth and charge your apple watch.
  • Use an 18 W or 20 W charging power adapter and check the apple watch is positioned corrected in the charging slot.

New Apple watch gets charged to 80 percent in 45 minutes and on your iphone if you are trying to charge your Apple watch and you are getting an error message or apple watch unexpectedly stopped charging after update or apple watch is charging slow when plugged in to charge then you can make your apple watch faster and get rid of apple watch error unexpectedly stopped charging error easily. So, let’s see in detail below.

Causes Apple Watch Unexpectedly Stopped Charging After Update

Apple Watch Unexpectedly stopped charging

Below methods will help you to fix Apple watch slow charging or any charging issues on apple watch.

Restart Apple Watch

Step 1: Grab your Apple Watch and Press and hold digital crown button and side button same time.

Step 2: Wait until apple logo appears and release these two buttons.

Step 3: Now, keep apple watch on charging slot and charge your Apple watch.

Once you restart your apple watch then your issue of apple watch unexpectedly stopped charging after update issue will be resolved.

Turn off Bluetooth and Charge Apple Watch

Step 1: Open Settings App on Apple Watch

Step 2: Tap on Bluetooth

Step 3: Keep the Apple watch charging and apple watch will charge.

Once you turn off bluetooth on apple watch and charge apple watch then it will charge without any issue or any error or apple watch not charging after update issue will be fixed.

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Change Apple Watch Charger

If apple watch is not charging, then you need to changer apple watch charger and check and buy a new apple watch charger, sometimes apple watch charger may become faulty and damaged.

Use 18 W to 20 W USB C Power Adaptor

You need to change your USB C power adapter and use 18 w to 20W power adapter and charge your apple watch and check whether Apple Watch unexpectedly stopped charging after the Update issue is resolved or not.

Check Apple Watch is Positioned Properly on Charger

When you keep your apple watch to charge on apple watch charger then check whether apple watch is placed properly on charger or not and if apple watch is not placed properly on apple watch charger ten you can experience this issue.

Don’t Charge With MacBook or Laptop

If you are charging your apple watch using macbook or laptop and charing then you may experience this slow charging issue on apple watch and get Apple Watch unexpectedly stopped charging issues and its always recommended to charge your appel watch with original charger which comes with apple watch.

What Cause Apple Watch to Charge Slowly

If you are not charging apple watch with original charger and connecting different usb c cable and you need to use 18w or 20 watts usb c power adaptor and dont charge apple watch with mac or laptop or any other device and use original charger.

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