Showmax Not Working on Hisense Smart tv


If you have installed showmax on Hisense smart tv and when you open showmax on hisense smart tv and suddenly showmax is not working or showmax is stuck on logo or keeps crashing or laggy or any other issue with showmax then you can easily fix showmax app not working on hisense smart tv easily with these simple methods.

Showmax not working on hisense smart tv

Unplug and Plug Back Power Source of Hisense smart tv

One you power reset and plug back power cable and plug it back on hisense smart tv after 60 seconds then your issue of showmax app not working on hisense smart tv issue will be resolved.

Connect to Internet

Make sure you are connected to wifi internet on hisense smart tv and if you are not connected to the internet then when you open showmax app it will not open or if you are having slow wifi internet it will get stuck on the logo as well. 

Go ahead and restart or reset your router or modem and then connect to wifi and check with showmax app.

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Signout of Showmax Account and Login Again

Sometime,by just simply logging out from showmax app on hisense smart tv and logging in back will fix if there is any minor issue with showmax app.

Clear cache and Clear All Data of ShowMax App

Due to cache issues you can experience showmax not working issues and once you clear cache and all data of showmax app your app will be faster and cluster data of showmax app will be removed from hisense smart tv.

Step 1: Press home button on hisense smart tv remote

Step 2: Using Navigation Arrow keys -> Go to Settings on top (gear icon) and Press ok on remote.

Step 3: Now, Press down and select Apps and Press ok

Step 4: Find Showmax app from the list of apps and select it and press ok on remote.

Step 5: Select Clear Cache and press ok

Step 6: Select Clear all data and press ok on remote and showmax app cache and all data will be removed.

Step 7: You may need to login again to your showmax account and check.

Once you remove showmax app cache then if your showmax app is responding slow or keeps crashing or stuck on logo then your issue of showmax app not working on hisenes tv will be resolved.

Update Showmax App to Latest Version

You need to update the showmax app to the latest version all the time or keep the showmax app auto update on hisense smart tv. Running an older version of the showmax app will cause showmax to crash and be stuck on logo issues.

Step 1: Press home button on hisense tv remote

Step 2: Go to Apps 

Step 3: Select Showmax app and press ok

Step 4: If you see the update option instead of open then you need to update showmax app to latest version.

Once you update showmax to the latest version your issue of showmax app not working will be resolved.

Update Hisense Smart tv to Latest Version

If running older version of software on hisense smart tv will also cause showmax app not working or keeps crashing issue.

Step 1: Press Home Button -> Go to Settings

Step 2: Press down arrow and Select Device Preferences

Step 3: Select About and Press ok.

Step 4: Select System Update and Select Check for Update and wait for hisense smart tv to check for any new software update is available 

Step 5: Select Update and wait for hisense smart tv to update it to latest version.

Once you update hisenes smart tv to latest version then go ahead and open showmax app.

Uninstall and Re-install Showmax App

Step 1: Press the home button and be on the home screen.

Step 2: From hisense smart tv home screen select showmax app and long press ok button on hisense smart tv remote.

Step 2: You will get a pop up menu and then select uninstall and wait for showmax app to uninstall from hisense smart tv,

Step 4: Now, go to playstore on hisense smart tv and search for showmax app and click on install and login with showmax account details and start watching showmax on hisense smart tv without any issue.

Once you uninstall and reinstall showmax app then any issue with showmax app will be fixed successfully.

Why showbox app not working on Hisense smart tv

Due to software compatibility issue or if your are having too much cache of showmax app or duet to minor technical glitches you can experience showmax app not working on hisense smart tv issue.

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