How To Add 10 Play Apps on Hisense Smart TV


  • You can install 10 play app using hisense smartv app store, Using APK file and also using VEWD APP store.
install 10 play app on hisense smart tv
  • To install 10 play store on hisense Smart tv -> Press Home Button -> App Store -> Search for 10 play app using search and click on install and add 10 play apps.
install 10 plus app using pk, hisense store app
  • Download APK file of 10 play app and copy apk file on usb stick and insert usb on back of your hisense smart tv and open 10 play apk file and allow 3rd party installing apps by allowing permissions and wait for 10 play app to install on hisense smart tv.
go to hisense smart tv app store and install 10 play app

When it comes to the smart tv world, Hisense smart tv is one of the increasing popular brand in smart tv technology. Because hisense smart tv manufacturers use ultra light emitting diode(ULED) technology for obtaining high quality of picture viewing experience. Most of the hisense smart tv facing some issue while adding 10 play apps to hisense smart tv for watching series, movies, and videos with high quality of picture experience.

But 10 play is not available in India for accessing this 10 play we need to change our settings location. 10 play will support device like android smart tv, Apple smart tv, Windows desktop 10 etc. It is multi-platform catch up tv which include 10 show, 10 bold, and 10 peach for tv guide. In order to overcome the problem of adding 10 play app on hisense smart tv just keep calm and follow the below steps.

download apk file and intsall 10 play app on hisense app

Method:1 Using Default Method

After installing 10 play from google chrome let follow some simple steps for adding 10 play app on hisense smart tv

Step:1 Firstly click on home button on your Hisense smart tv remote

Step:2 Next click on ‘app store icon’

Step:3 After opening app store icon choose the 10 play app in order to add it to your premium app section

Step:4 Now click on 10 play app to install and tap on Ok button on your smart tv remote.

Step:5 After completing the process now open the 10 play app and select the video you want to watch and enjoy it.

Method:2 Using VEWD app store 

With VEWD app store we can directly run the contents because it is a cloud-based app store. Due to cloud storage it didn’t take any storage space of your smart tv or streaming device. Follow some quick steps to add 10 play app on hisense smart tv

Step:1 Firstly take hisense smart tv remote and click on apps button.

Step:2 Next choose VEWD app store and tap on Ok button on your smart tv remote

Step:3 Now on your smart tv at the top, you will find a filter option which will helps us for sorting the apps based on the category including: movies, sports, games, popular shows, news, technology and etc.

Step:4 According to your requirement choose an app and click on Ok button on your Hisense smart tv remote.

Step:5 After that it will open your 10 play app.

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Method:3 Using APK file

If you want 10 play app install it with APK extension file because it can’t available on google play store by following the below steps

Step:1 First open browser on your smart tv and download apk file on home screen.

Step:2 Now open the apk extension and install it and tap on Ok

Step:3 After installation it will ask you for permission just click on Ok

Step:4 Now take hisense smart tv remote and click on home icon button

Step:5 Now check for 10 play app on your installed app in the premium app section

Step:6 Next tap on the movies, videos, series and new section.

Step:7 Now choose the 10 play app for opening this videos

Step:8 Now login with your details and enjoy your videos.

Hopefully, I mentioned some methods along with some quick steps which helps you for adding 10 play app on your Hisense smart tv. With this you can easily enjoy your movies, series and many other contents.

How to get 10 play on smart tv?

To Get 10 play app on smart tv using smart tv app store, vewd app store, using apk file.

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