How to Fix No Google Play Store on Hisense Smart tv

How to Fix No Google Play Store on Hisense Smart tv

One of the most common search problems among many people in acquiring google play store  on hisense smart tv, for enjoying their apps. However in some hisense tv manufacturer based on android tv have a native play store. But for some operating systems it became quite impossible to get a play store on its smart tv, well there are many solutions to this problems. Because google play store provide wide variety of apps to satisfy user needs and tastes. So, in this post we are telling you how to overcome the issue of no google play store on hisense smart tv. While hisense smart tv consists of a variety of HDMI ports which are equipped with tv box. With this many smart tv companies are providing extra features to their Tv’s. Now-a-days technology took a rapid growth in invention of smart tv with this you can play videos by duplicating the screen from your smartphone.

No Google Play Store on Hisense Smart tv?

Follow below methods to get back your google playstore on hisense smart tv 

Ways to get google Play Store 

If you unable to get google play store in your Hisense smart tv means  it is quite disappointing, for this you need not to worry, here are some ways to get google play store.

By multiscreen method

One of the best way to get access to other device though internet is multi screen and you can share the screen of both devices. In order to get this you need to go to ‘options’ of your Hisense smart tv, in order to activate multi screen and next detect your mobile.

For this do you need to make sure that your mobile phone has enabled the share screen option. If you once done with this process, you can sync both the devices via same WiFi network, and you can able to share your phone screen with hisense smart tv and enjoy your specific application in the high definition mode.

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Screen Mirror 

One of the alternate way to get google play store in hisense smart tv is screen mirror your apps which are available in hisense smart tv. Without any wired connection you can connect both devices, for this you need to enable share screen option. After that you need to sync both the devices in order to get high definition. In the next moment you can share screen of your mobile to play multimedia contents.