Hisense Smart TV Not Connecting to YouTube

YouTube on your Hisense smart tv is the improved version when compared with older version. With this app you can enjoy high quality videos on your television. But sometimes customers come across hisense smart tv not connecting to YouTube problem, with thus you may face buffering issue endlessly, or app is not working or some factors causing errors. But you may encounter app not working fine. In this article we are providing some reasons and their solutions to it.

Reasons Why Youtube Not Working 

  • Older version of app
  • Due to YouTube server down
  • Older tv operating system
  • Else app have lot of corrupted data
  • You May face this due to internet connection slow

So, here are some ways to overcome the problem by following methods

Update Youtube App

One of the best way to fix the issue in hisense tv is updated youtube app for this follow the steps in your Hisense  tv

Step 1: Firstly, go to hisense home screen

Step 2: Next, choose youtube app

Step 3: Now click on the red switch to remove the app

Step 4: After that select ok in order to confirm your choice 

Step 5: Now go to play store 

Step 6: Search about youtube 

Step 7: Next, select the app and install it.

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Check Internet Connection

While your slow internet network may also affect the youtube video plays on smart tv. When you’re streaming videos on YouTube, if you play video on high quality with this may notice buffering on hisense tv and your network speed become slow and you need to upgrade it. If you still facing the issue means you may go with.

  • Restarting hisense tv by power cycle
  • Restarting the app

Are you can also contact ISP service for future trouble shoot

Reset Hisense TV

Whenever if you face freezing on hisense tv you can go with resetting hisense smart tv

Step 1: Firstly, move to main menu by using the hisense tv remote control

Step 2: Now choose self-diagnosis 

Step 3: Next Select reset option

Step 4: It may take a few seconds to reset. If once done with it, try to open the app again

Clear Memory Data or Cache

Step 1: Now press the home button on your Hisense tv remote control

Step 2: Next, Select network option

Step 3: Then choose clear memory data or cache option

Step 4: If once done with it try to open the app again

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