How to Fix samsung smart tv app store missing

How to Fix Samsung Smart TV App Store Missing

  • On your samsung smart tv if you app store is missing on samsung smart tv then you can install google playstore on samsung tv and this guide will help you find the app store (samsung smart hub) on samsung tv. 

This article guides you through how to find your favorite shows your favorite your favorite TV programs in your smart Samsung Smart TV applications. So if it’s the first time you’re using Samsung smart TV  then this article will guide you the right way to find the apps store in Samsung TV. 

How to Fix Samsung Smart TV APP Store Missing

Fix Samsung Smart TV App Store Missing

Step 1: There is apps  icon on right  press that and you will have access to a lot of information right there you come across a lot of applications you can right click and go to apps you have a lot of apps right there you can just click on the app just press ok.

Step 2: You select one app and press download ok. It will start installing and when you go back just press the Smart Hub button and you will switch back to your Smart TV and you will find your application.

Step 3: You can also observe there are some applications that are installed by default right there and always go to Samsung Apps if you want to check to find a specific TV channel or application.

Step 4: Go again and find an application press download right there now it’s installing.

Step 5: If you go back to the main screen you will find your application right here yeah it’s installed.

That’s it, by following above steps you can easily find missing app store on Samsung smart tv.

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Play Store App Missing on Samsung?

If playstore is missing on your samsung smart tv you can install it and install apps on samsung smart tv and you can install and download google playstore for free and install.