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How To Connect Firestick To Samsung Smart TV

  • To connect firestick to samsung smart tv you need to plug firestick to back of your samsung tv using usb cable or directly plugin to usb port on samsung smart tv and select hdmi port using remote and press home button and follow onscreen instructions.
  • If fire stick remote is not pairing with Samsung smart tv or firestick is not recognizing Samsung tv then you need to pair it using fire tv remote app and pair it with samsung tv.

If you are having a fire tv stick and looking forward to connecting it to your samsung smart tv and many users wonder that does amazon fire stick work with Samsung smart tv or not because they will face issues like samsung tv not recognizing amazon fire stick remote or then you can easily connect it by inserting your Fire tv Stick on the back of your Samsung smart tv and connect it.

Here in this article I will be showing you how to connect Firestick to your Samsung smart TV. Follow the below steps carefully to connect the fire stick to Samsung TV first thing you need to have is the USB cord and connect amazon fire stick to tv with hdmi to samsung smart tv.

Connect Firestick To Samsung Smart TV

How to Connect Firestick to Samsung Smart tv

Step 1:  Switch on the device firstly and connect one end of the fire stick to USB cord and the other end to the power adapter.

Step 2: Using HDMI port Samsung smart TV is connected to the fire stick. (fire stick is connected to hdmi cable at one end and the other end to samsung tv).

Step 3:  After connecting the fire stick to the HDMI port select the input of the HDMI with fire stick.

Step 4: Hold the home button for a few seconds to setup the remote

Step 5: Now that the remote is paired with the device automatically.

Step 6:  Now from the available list of Wifi networks select the one that need to be connected with your fire stick.

Step 7: Choose the network and click on it and enter the password.

Step 8: To access the Samsung services the user is allowed to register the fire stick with their Amazon account.

Step 9: Now after registering, the Samsung TV automatically gets connected to the Amazon Firestick  and one can start using the services.

 That’s it, this is how you connect firestick to samsung smart tv and use amazon fire stick with samsung tv.

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How to Connect Amazon firestick to Samsung tv without remote?

You can connect amazon firestick to samsung tv without remote by connecting firestick directly the back of your samsung smart tv and install fire tv remote app on your device and connect it to the same wifi network and connect it with your samsung smart tv and start using fire tv remote app and connect firesticl without using remote.

Samsung Smart tv not recognizing firestick remote?

If your samsung smart tv is not recognizing fire stick then you need to turn off samsung smart tv and unplug power cable and wait for 30 seconds and then turn on your samsung smart tv and connect firestick again and reset your modem or router if firestick is not recognizing or firestick is not working on samsung tv or firestick not showing up on hdmi remote not pairing or any other issues.

If fire stick remote is not pairing or remote is not recognizing then you need to fire tv app and download it on your mobile (android and apple) and setup fire tv remote and connect to same wifi network on your mobile and samsung tv and pair it and start using firetv remote app as your samsung tv remote and connect firestick to samsung tv.

Amazon Fire Stick tv Compatibility?

Yes! Of course, No doubt about it. All the modern smart tv including non-smart tv will be compatible and as this is amazon fire tv stick all you need is a HDMI port and connect it to Fire TV stick using hdmi cable no compatibility checks needed, if your Samsung tv is having hdmi port then you can connect it to samsung tv.

Does amazon fire stick work on lcd tv?

Yes! Amazon fire tv stick is compatible to work with any modern smart tv like sony, hisense, toshiba, vizio, lg, mi and you can connect it directly to your smart tv.

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