How to add external storage to Samsung tv

How to Add External Storage to Samsung Smart tv

  • If you are running out of storage on samsung tv and wondering how to add external storage then below is a detailed guide on how to add external storage to samsung tv and how to move apps to external storage.
  • You can also clear internal storage on samsung tv by deleting unused apps and clearing cache and other steps.

Samsung Tv’s can use external drives for some additional storage. All smart’s not have same storage, some have large amounts of internal storage, other may have single digit amount. While if you want to  give Samsung tv device a memory boost. So, here are some ways to maximize the storage space of Samsung tv.

Remove Unused Games and Apps

One of the best and easiest way to increase the amount of internal storage on Samsung tv, to delete the unused games and apps that taking huge amount of storage. For this we need to follow the below instructions.

Step 1: Firstly, turn on your Samsung tv and wait till home screen to appear

Step 2: Now go to settings menu 

Step 3: After that scroll till down where you find general settings followed by subsection and choose apps.

Step 4: Next, choose see all apps

Step 5: The list of all apps in your samsung Tv is displayed, from that choose the app which you want to remove

Step 6: After that tap on Uninstall followed by ok

How to Add External Storage to Samsung Smart tv

By following below methods you can easily setup and add external storage without any issue.

Setup Samsung tv External storage as Internal Storage 

Whenever if you want to use external storage device as removable storage  for this you need to do One thing just plug it in and eject it after the work is done. And if you would like to use an auxiliary  storage drive as internal Samsung tv storage, here are few steps we need to follow.

Step 1: Ensure that your external drive is connected to Samsung tv box and if required power it

Step 2: Now open Samsung tv settings option

Step 3: After that choose device preferences option by scrolling down. Next press the select button on your remote control

Step 4: From the next menu, choose storage option

Step 5: Next, Select the name of external storage drive which you want to connect to your Samsung tv device and press select

Step 6: After that select setup as internal storage and tap on select

Step 7: Then wait till the process to complete.

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Steps to Move Samsung tv apps to External Drive

Once done with the setup process you can now start moving apps and games to the new drive. In order to perform the operation follow the below steps

Step 1: Firstly, go to Samsung  settings menu

Step 2: After that go to general settings followed by apps

Step 3: Once done with opening apps choose the app which you want to move it to new drive

Step 4: Then tap of storage option