install binge on samsung smart tv

How to Install BINGE on Samsung smart TV

  • To install binge on samsung tv -> Home button -> Apps section -> Search for Binge and download and install app.
  • To watch binge on samsung -> Create and account -> Choose active subscription -> sign in with your details -> start watching binge.

On your samsung smart tv if you want to install 3rd Party apps or install apps or even google playstore as well, you need to install using smart hub and similarly you can install binge on samsung smart tv. Once you install binge you can enjoy watching movies, lifestyle kids and more and you can search for more on bingelist and watch favourite shows.

Can i Install Binge on Samsung Smart tv?

Yes, You can install binge on samsung smart tv as it is tizen os you can watch, stream and install binge on samsung tv. There are supported devices you can install binge list supported smart tv list and you need to have active subscription of binge to enjoy binge.

Binge is the one of the popular app used  for streaming the movies are TV shows. One can stream their favourite shows and movies by simply installing Binge on your  smart TV. In this article i will be guiding you through the steps to install Binge on your Samsung smart TV. To install Binge on your smart TV you need to have a browser to download Binge on your Samsung smart TV. After that just follow the below steps for installation process.

How to Install Binge on Samsung Smart tv

Step 1:  Switch on your Samsung smart TV using the  remote.

Step 2: Go to the app store and in the search bar search for Binge.

Step 3: Now that the Binge app is displayed. Click on the install option below the application. And then download it.

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How to get a subscription to Binge?

You need to open web browser on your samsung smart tv and open and create an account and choose a subscription and sign in with your login details and strat watching binge on samsung smart tv.

How to Stream Binge on Samsung Smart tv?

Once you install binge, you need to navigate to your home screen by pressing home button on your samsung tv remote and open binge app and strat streaming binge and watch your favourite movies, series, etc.