Samsung tv horizontal lines on screen

How to Fix Samsung Smart tv Horizontal Lines on Screen

  • To fix horizontal lines on Samsung smart tv you need to check with loose cables, connect with different hdmi port (Input / output).
  • Check for any graphic driver failure issues and upgrade or downgrade it.
  • Quick fix: perform a soft reset -> just unplug power cable from wall, wait for 40 seconds, plug back cables and check there will be no lines on Samsung smart tv horizontal or vertical lines.

If you are a Samsung tv user, whenever you want to use a premium quality display, because it provides the best quality and features when compared with other smart TVs. Sometimes we may face the issue of Samsung tv horizontal lines on screen can be due to graphic failure as well, while watching your favorite shows or movies on Samsung tv. This type of issue may occur due to display or input it can be horizontal lines or vertical lines, or blank screen issue, or blue screen glow on samsung smart tv or it is having good blacklight but no picture. Also it may raised because of damaged input source or black death. In this article we are providing some fix to this issue.

Reasons Behind Samsung tv horizontal Lines on Screen

This issue occurred due to loose input cables, damage on the screen and graphic failure. With this you might see reduced images or impurities on LCD. If you’re image has reduced the quality will also lead to this type of issue. Some of the main reasons for this issue is mentioned below.

Incompatible Image Resolution 

When if you are watching movies or tv shows on smart tv, it shows display error or image size is varied from smart tv resolution. If sometimes small image or much big picture may bring lines on the television  screen. To overcome the issue simply change the picture resolution.

Fix Horizontal Lines on Screen on Samsung Smart tv

Follow below troubleshooting guide and check cables and other methods to fix samsung smart tv horizontal lines on screen.

Input Cable Issue 

If your cable input is not properly connected to smart tv and smart hub. With this you’re screen shows horizontal lines. For this you need to replug the cable back again.

Methods to fix Samsung tv horizontal lines on screen

In order to overcome the issue of Samsung tv horizontal lines on screen, then follow the below mentioned steps 

Power Reset

Disconnect all power cables from wall socket to samsung smart tv -> wait for 30 or 40 seconds, after 40 seconds plug back all removed power connectors and turn on samsung tv.

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Perform picture test 

To get a positive conclusion to the issue we need to perform a picture test. With this feature you may disable the display related problems perfect picture resolution is compatible with he image. But unfortunately, older version Samsung tv not have this feature. To overcome this follow the steps.

Step 1: In order to open smart hub menu, take your remote control and press home button, after that change settings. 

Step 2: Next, go to support tab and choose device care

Step 3: After that the device will perform quick scanning 

Step 4: Once done with the process, then choose self diagnosis from the bottom

Step 5: Now using scroll key, choose picture test and choose ok

Step 6: Finally, once check if the error is still continued or resolved 

Update Samsung Firmware

If the above mentioned methods is not worked then go with this method, for this you need to follow the below mentioned instructions

Step 1: For opening smart hub, on your tv remote control press home button

Step 2: After that go to settings and then choose support

Step 3: Choose software update option and then followed by update  now

Step 4: After that updated file will begin to download

Step 5: Next, follow the on screen instructions for installing the updates

Perform Factory Reset

Now follow the instructions to perform the factory reset operation

Step 1: By using remote control choose home button and choose settings

Step 2: Now go to general and select reset option

Step 3: In order to reset pin enter

Step 4: After that choose reset and enter on OK

Step 5: Now follow the screen instructions to complete the reset process

Step 6: After that once check if the problem is overcomed or not.