How to Fix Horizontal Lines on Vizio Smart TV Screen

  • To fix horizontal  lines on Vizio smart tv you need to perform a Power reset method and check your hdmi cables for any loose connections.
  • If any third party external devices are connected then get rid of them and disconnect them and factory reset vizio smart tv.

Sometimes on your vizio smart tv you may experience issue with black screen, screen flickering or horizontal line on screen or vertical lines on screen when you turn on your vizio tv and there are simple methods to fix these issues.

Many users of vizio TV are now experiencing the issue of flickering horizontal lines on their TV screen here in this article I will be showing you how to fix your Vizio TV flickering horizontal lines through various methods

Fix Horizontal Lines on Vizio Smart tv Screen

Follow below troubleshooting methods will help you fix horizontal lines on vizio smart tv screen.

Method 1: Power cycle vizio TV

The first fix is to power cycle your vizio TV by disconnecting power cables. This is different from normal rebooting. Power cycle drains all electricity in your vizio TV and gives a fresh boot up. In most cases the horizontal lines are caused after power outage hence the power cycle is the perfect solution to fix this issue. To do this

Step 1: Turn off your vizio TV

Step 2: Unplug power cable from the power socket.

Step 3: Wait for about a few minutes.

Step 4: Login back again.

Now check whether this issue is solved if not then go to the method 2.

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Method 2:  Check HDMI Cable

Check whether your HDMI and power cables are connected correctly without any loose connection and now that  check your vizio TV if the issue still persists then check the cables by connecting the cables to a different device to make sure that they are working or not.  If this method does not solve your issue then go to method 3.

Method 3 : Disconnect Third party Devices

The third reason is due to the third-party devices. Here the vizio TV horizontal line frequent flickering occurs when the third-party devices are connected to your vizio TV make sure to disconnect all third party apps till the end of this process.

Method 4: Factory reset 

The last and final method to fix this issue is to reset your vizio smart TV. To do this,  follow The below steps.

  1. Go to Menu
  2. The help of arrows on the remote go to System and press ok
  3. System options go to Reset and Admin.
  4. Click on Reset the TV to factory settings and click on confirm.

Try all of these methods now  that your problem will be definitely solved and fix vizio smart tv horizontal lines on screen.

Lakshmi Durga
Lakshmi Durga
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