How to fix Vizio Smart tv Flickering Screen

What Does a Flickering Screen Mean?

When you turn on your vizio smart tv and experience screen issue like screen goes black and white and flickering may be because of loose connection to hdmi or it can be due to inside chip failure. lets see them in detail below and see how to fix vizio smart tv flickering issues or blinking on and off.

It is a change in brightness between cycles displayed on video displays. Specially flickering occurs in CRT televisions, plasma computer displays, and LCD(Liquid crystal display) screens.
In General, the below reasons are occurrence of flickering in Televisions

How to fix VIZIO’S Smart TV Screen flickering

Note: If you’re using a new version of VIZIO smart cast display with HDR capabilities, Ensure using an HDMI 2.0 cable, older 1.4 cables may cause the display to flicker or black out intermittent.
Step 1:  Firstly, remove all the cables connected for both TV and devices connected and reconnect them.
Step 2: Check and set the Advanced video settings in VIZIO TV menu some of your VIZIO TV’s allows you to adjust the following settings:
1. Ambient Lighting
2. Backlight control
3. Advanced adaptive Luma

Turn on all these available above options these can resolves from display flickering

Still if you haven’t resolved the issue then follow the steps in an order as shown below:
Step 1:Power off your TV.
Step 2: Unplug the Tv from outlet.

Step 3: After unplug, press  the power  button on Tv and hold it for 30 sec.

Step 4: After 30 sec release the power button.
Step 5:Plug on the TV into another outlet.
Step 6: Power TV back on.

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Reasons Why Vizio Smart tv Screens flickering?

1. Loose cable

Due to loose cabling can result in screen flickering and HDMI cables results in flickering colours.

2. Due to Electrical Interference

3. Dirt

Due to accumulated dust in CRT can result in electrical arcing. Because dust accumulated can result in drawing a large current in dust magnet.

4. Exit power supply

A brightness will be maintained on television to make picture or screen stable and if the power supply fails it will be dim your screen brightness.

What Causes Vizio Smart TV Screen flickering

There are four reasons which causes Vizio smart TV screen flickering:

1. Backlight failure

1. LCD screens are used for Vizio’s TV’s. These LCD’S Generate colours  and images on screen .LCD’s screens are not self illuminated. So, it requires a third party Backlight.
2. There are two types of backlights are used Cold cathode fluorescent Lamp(CCFL’s) and Light emitting diode(LED’s).
3. Flickering, flashing, a pinkish hue and dimming are warning signs before the backlight completely burns.
4. After dead of your backlight, Liquid crystal will produce colors and flashlight at an angle 45 degree.

2. Failure of Inverter /damage to Inverter

1. Due to failure of Inverter can also cause VIZIO’S screen flickering
2.VIZIO’s require two Inverters, Master inverter and slave inverter. Master’s
inverter supply the constant source of energy to TV, whereas slave Inverter lights the Lamp.
3. If any one of Inverter is damaged /failure, it will prevent electricity from reaching the backlight.
4. Remove back panel of your TV’s with the help of screwdriver and check the Inverter board.
5. Connect a multimeter and disconnect the backlight connector. The multimeter must read the voltage between 12 and 20volts. If it reads lower than that voltage it indicates inverter doesn’t have sufficient power to illuminate the backlight properly.

3. Check your cable connections 

1.Due to improper connections of power cord or a coaxial cable can lead to a screen flickering.

2. Check the power cord and cable outputs connection which are located at the bottom rear of your VIZIO TV.

4. Poor Signal Issue

1. When TV receives the strongest signals then you can see images on your Vizio’s screen.
2. If there is weak signal from satellite cam cause a screen to flicker or flash, audio’s and video’s problems. So, then try to reset your set-up receiver box by unplugging it temporarily from power source.


By these ways you can fix VIZIO’S smart TV screen flickering. You may  have come through causes of screen  flickering of VIZIO’S TV.

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