How to Fix Google Assistant Not Playing Movies

  • To fix Google Assistant not playing movies you need to check account permissions and also make sure that you are using the same google account for watching movies.
  • Link your google assistant again with your account and your device.

What does Google Assistant Mean?

It is an artificial intelligence powered virtual assistant developed by Google. Assistant is designed to have conversations with you in order to complete tasks. Like Siri, you can ask Google Assistant general questions and can come up with the answers and you can even change language and voice of google assistant as well and you can also experience issues like google assistant not responding to your voice commands. Google Assistant can interact with your Android phone to do  various tasks like remote control navigator’s, research, setting alarms, play music’s and also it can control 2000 smart home devices quickly then get things done.

Use of Google Assistant

It can be used for fun and entertainment such as watching shows, movies, and YouTube videos, in your favourite streaming  service In Android TV or mobile.

You need a device with Android 5.0 + with 1.0Gb of memory or Android 6.0+ with 1.5 Gb of memory ,and 720P or higher screen of your device. Press and hold the home button or say “OK GOOGLE” .It’s gets activated.

Fix Google Assistant Not Playing Movies

There are some ways to try when you are Google Assistant not playing movies:

  1. You are using the right Google account for watching movies.
  2. Link your Google account to streaming services.
  3. Restore your Google account.
  4. Cheque your Google Assistant permissions.

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Using the Right Account for Watching Movies

Make sure that you are using the same Google account for Google Assistant. If you have many google  accounts, then there will be  chance of a mismatch between Google Assistant account  and GoogleTV account, that can cause problems.

 How to check an account you are using for Google Assistant on Google Play movies is same or not

Open Google Assistant, and tap on user icon, then tap account, tap on Google account and you can see what account you are using and you can select the account would you want to use for Google Assistant.

The account you are using must be linked with each streaming service for watching your favourite movies.

Open Google Assistant, tap on user icon, then tap settings, Scroll down and tap on  Videos and photos, then tap Link under video services like Netflix, Disney plus, etc. Then tap on link account, enter login credentials, and click on sign in and link. For Google Assistant use and tap confirm.

You can follow these steps to add any additional video streaming services to your Google Assistant.

Restore your Google Assistant

Open the settings app, tap on Apps then Tap on Google, tap Storage and tap on clear cache, and tap on clear all data and tap ok, then Tap on back arrow, Tap on Disable and tap on Disable App, Then Tap Turn on and app details  in store ,lastly tap on update , the app gets installing the latest version.

Check your google Assistant Permissions 

If google Assistant won’t play movies anywhere. It’s usually an issue with the app not having sufficient permission. Then firstly, check whether it has the correct permission .On your device ,permission are the way that you can allow an app to access various things like microphone, Local storage, and your contact information.

Open Settings then go to apps and   notifications and tap on permissions, then slid all sliders to left or grayed out.

By these ways you can fix problems and you can enjoy watching movies on google assistant. 

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