Change the Language of Google Assistant Android?

  • To change the language of google assistant -> Open Google Home App -> More -> Settings -> Language and Region -> Search language and select your language from here to change language of google assistant.
  • You can change your region and language whenever you want by just navigating to google assistant settings and language and region and discover more languages and add your own language on google assistant on Mobile.

Google Assistant is Google’s  Voice Assistant developed by google and now google assistant comes on mobile devices by default like siri for iPhone just like the same way google assistant for android devices. Google Assistant is an AI(Artificial Intelligence) powered voice assistant as speech recognition and you can turn off google assistant as well.  Through voice we can give commands to complete work by just saying OK Google and give your command what you are looking for, the job will be done easily. Example if you need to search for some music on youtube. Just say “OK Google play some music” or “Hey Google play my music” play some music on youtube within seconds music will play on youtube and some times ok google will not and respond to your voice commands check here to resolve ok google not working issue.

Just like Apple’s Siri, Amazon Alexa or Mircrosoft  Cortana, the google assistant gives you information and does work on behalf of you like sending messages,  ordering pizza from a restaurant, tracking your shopping order etc. Google developed another digital assistant before Google Assistant it was known as Google Now.

Change Language of Google Assistant

So to change language in your Device/Tablet, here are the steps

Step1: Open Google app on your device

Step 2: Tap on More at the bottom right corner, click on settings

Step 3: Goto Language and Region

Step 4: Tap search language scroll down till you find your language

So now as a Google User, You know how to change language and add language  through settings. To Activate Google Assistant on an iPhone it is little different than Android but we can make Google Assistant on an iPhone also.

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Google Assistant Supported Languages

Google Assistant supports so many languages apart from English. It is currently compatible with thousands of smart products, by many different brands. is currently compatible with thousands of smart products and many more different kinds of brands.

Google Assistant works in many countries around the earth and can speak in different languages. You can change its language according to your desire.

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