Ok Google is Not Working: Here is What To Do to Fix

Now a day’s smartphones become more essential in everyone’s daily life and even smarter by using our google voice assistant on mobile phones or it may be using google home or Alexa or any voice assistants. But here sometimes its very frustrating when google assistant doesn’t respond to Hey Google and google assistant not responding ok google doesn’t work. There might be some reasons why ok google is not working i.e. is google is not recognizing your voice or Google assistant app is not working if you solve these two major problems you can enjoy yours ok google assistant.

How to fix Ok Google is Not working?

Basic Troubleshooting to fix Ok Google is Not Working: Clean Microphone and Allow Permissions

Firstly we have do some basic functionalities like hardware issues especially in microphone and it asks us to give allow permission of  microphone when it lost access on your smart phone. And another we have do is clean the microphone hole because it may contains some dirt particles that it may block the voice or google can’t hear you properly.

Google App Not Working: Force Stop and Reinstall Google App

Sometimes it behaves weird that it may ask us to update or force stop. After update if its working then ok otherwise, Go to settings and then apps-> Go to Google click on force stop. You have to install new APK version of google and set the google commands to fix ok google is not working.

Change Google Assistant Settings:

After trying above methods utmost source is go to settings click on search, voice assistant and tap on voice and it will be turned on.

Turn ON ok Google Manually

Many android mobiles we, have to manually click on voice assistant in our settings. We have to go to google voice settings, click on voice option and manually we have to ON the access voice match.

Google language settings:

After settings our voice we have to select our language under language section.in that we can select two or three more languages which assistant can understand more efficiently.

Retrain google voice:

After doing all these still voice is not recognizing by the google we can retrain our voice by clicking retrain voice on same settings app.

Turn Off  Bixby: 

If you are using Samsung smartphone Bixby will be available, it may interfere with google assistant. First you have do is disable Bixby wake up voice if you want to use google voice assistant.

Conclusion on Ok Google is Not working on Android  

By following all the above methods if your ok google is not working or ok google doesn’t respond to your voice or any other issue with Ok google will be fixed and you can fix your google voice and easily your problem with ok google will be resolved.

How to fix ok Google is not working all of sudden?

You need to try basic troubleshooting and allow permission to microphone, clean microphones, force stop and reinstall google app and set ok google commands, change google language settings, retrain google voice, turn off Bixby to fix google is not working all of sudden.