Updated: Fix For Gmail crashing on Android and Google Workspace Google Play App Crashing

On your Android phone when you open Gmail app and it is getting crashed all of sudden without any changes made on your android phone or Gmail app is crashing or google play app then this is not a mistake from your end *users end*. Gmail app and google play apps are getting crashed due to the WebView and google chrome app as well which is a bug and recently fixed and released and update to google play store in order to fix Gmail crashing android systems.

Most of the android users faced difficulties in opening Gmail app on their android device or google play store app or google chrome app.

How to fix Both Gmail crashing on Android Systems and Google Play App crashing issue:

Updating Android System WebView and Google Chrome via Google Play

Step 1: Navigate to Play Store app
Step 2. Search for Android System WebView
Step 3: Select the “Update” option
Step 4: Repeat these steps for Google Chrome.

That’s it, once you update your android system webview you Gmail app will not crash again or google workspace or any other apps related to google webview.

If your Gmail crashing on android or google play services or google chrome app then you need to update the google play store in order fix this issue with WebView which was fixed recently by google on 23rd March 2021.

What caused Googles Gmail App and Google Play Store App to crash on Android?

As of now when this article was written there is no specific reason said officially by google and the cause but they have provided workaround solution to fix Gmail app crashing on android and an updated for this fix has been released by google attached in their log files.

Ramana Tula is a Google Product Expert - He is a Full stack Web and Android Developer also - SEO Manager and also manages Digital Marketing.

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