How to Get a Refund on Google Play

If you purchased an application or game on google play accidently or you didn’t like paid application or game and it’s not worthy of that money which they cost you on google play store and trying to get a refund on google play which you have purchased then there is a procedure for it to get a refund and yes you can get a refund on google play easily or else you will not be get refund if you wont follow these steps carefully.

If you purchased a paid  an application on google play store accidently and wondering how to get refund on google play then google play is more fusible to get you help in these situations and get a refund on google play as well.

How to Get a Refund on Google Play:

Step 1: Go to your playstore from account which you have purchased application or game.

Step 2: Click on menu button on left side and  click on Account.

Step 3: Navigate to Purchase history and you will see a list of purchased applications or games.

Step 4: Select the application which you want to get a refund on google play.

If you are not seeing an refund option on your purchased application or game then you need to open chrome browser and type

Step 5: Now navigate to order history and scroll left.

Step 6: After scrolling left you will see 3 dots and click on it and report a problem.

Step 7: Now select an option with appropriate reason which suits you : like purchase made by accident, purchase made by family friend, I no longer need this application, I don’t recognise this purchase or  charge, I purchased but didn’t receive it, purchase is defective or doesn’t work.

Step 8: Select option which is appropriate for you and type reasons.

You will receive an email with confirmation of refund if google play store thinks it’s a valid reason and your amount will get refund on google play.

Once you receive an email from google play store addressing that your google play has been approved and following amount will get refund on google play to associated google play store account bank account.

Not seeing option of refund for Purchased Application for refund?

If you are not seeing an option of refund for your purchased account then make sure you have logged in to google play store with the account you made a purchase on google play.

If you still not seeing with the account which you have purchased then open chrome from browser in mobile and type and go to order history and select 3 dots and  report a problem to get a refund.

Can you get refund on Google play store

paid Android app subscription can be refunded or returned if you apply for refund if you submit with valid reasons, google android app returns policy will refund you amount.

How to check Google play order history

Login to google account and visit play store -> click on application-> list of all purchases will be seen.

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