Connect Samsung TV to Google Home

How to Connect Samsung TV to Google Home

  • You can download a home app from google play and cast your device from home app or by using chromecast to samsung smart tv.

Google home is one of the best voice controlled assistants and internet connected speakers. It is well designed with stylish, attractive and seamlessly fit in your home decors. You can use this google home for playback entertainment to your home. Google home is not only used for listening and answering questions,  it easily talks about smart technology in your home.

Controlling and managing chromecast devices, allows the users to stream Netflix to their Samsung TV by simply telling the cast what they want to view. Google home can also connect to IOT devices and appliances, turn on and off lights with simple voice commands. It is an amazing smart home device designed to make life comfortable, convenient and more fulfilling. 

While setting up Google home you need to download the Google home app on your Android or IOS device. If you have brought a new Samsung TV and need to connect it google home first connect your TV and Google to the same wifi. Before proceeding, you have to sign in with your same account on your Samsung TV along with this launch smart things app on your smartphone. After this reset your TV.

If a smartthing app will not detect your TV automatically, then use the “Add device” option in the app and check it is detected and added accordingly. To do this first you have to set both TV provider and location correctly during setup. And once cross check whether you can control your smart Samsung TV through smart things app. Next you can open the google home on your smartphone. 

How to Connect Samsung TV to Google Home

Step 1: First download the app, simply search google home in google play store and download and install it.

Step 2: After download, open the app and select the Add device button.

Step 3: Now a second screen will be displayed where you can select the setup device on that particular page. Proceed by clicking text below the title works with google. In that list of accounts will be displayed.

Step 4: Scroll down till you are able to see smart things and select it. If it is not displayed, search it manually by simply clicking the search icon on the top right corner of the screen.

Step 5: Choose the displayed smart things and proceed by selecting the sign in with Samsung option(the account you are using should be the same as previously created smart things app on your smartphone).

Step 6: Then your TV will be added automatically.

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Connect Google Home to Samsung Smart TV using Chromecast or Chromecast Media Streamer

Plug chromecast into any TV that features an HDMI input and play content online with videos and music on digital TV. With mobile apps, you can use your smartphone, computer, tablet or remote. When you start pairing chromecast with google home, it means you have the choice to use google assistant voice command via google home or smartphone.

Before starting you have to ensure that the chromecast is plugged into your Samsung TV and both your smartphone and google home are connected to the same network. Next, switch on your TV and ensure that the TV is displaying a Chromecast screen.

Step 1: Open google home on your smartphone and click on the icon at top right corner.

Step 2: A new screen displayed and click on “App device” then follow wifi instructions accordingly.

Step 3: After that, go back to the Home app and choose to continue. A code will be shown on the screen of both your TV and phone. If two codes match then proceed by clicking on “Next”.

Step 4: In that you need to select your region as the preferred name for your chromecast. You can also use the default settings as well.