How to fix Apple TV Remote Not Working

  • To fix apple tv remote make sure that you charge your apple tv remote by lightning USB cable for at least 60 mins and try and if not try to reset apple tv remote and clean remote.
  • Power reset -> Unplug power cables and wait for 30 minutes and plug back after 3o min and try using apple tv remote.
  • Alternatively you can use apple tv remote app and use it as a remote.

There are many generations of Apple products and one of the great way of entertainment for customers. They all use two series of Apple products. One remote of Apple support Siri and provide browsing and voice control features. But both the remotes are simple and pretty. But unfortunately they stop working and may experience  some issues while using may get frustrated.

First make sure that your Apple remote has all batteries for its functioning and remove all the things that may block the path of your Apple TV and remote. IR sensor must be visual contact for communication. Technology is the main feature in Apple TV generations. Try pressing the button on TV remote and check the light on Apple TV remote. 

APPLE TV does not respond when you press buttons on remote but light flashes:

  • Pair your TV remote along with Apple TV and go for settings. Now you pair TV with Apple TV remote.
  • If you have SIRI remote, you can easily reset it. By simultaneously pressing the menu and  up volume buttons.
  • To restart your APPLE TV, press and hold the down buttons and menu of your Apple remote.
  • If normal reset of your TV doesn’t help you. Then unplug your Apple TV from power outlet, for few minutes and plug it back. Sometimes disconnecting the device from power source can fix the problem.
  • If you observe any exclamation mark on TV display and light on tour Apple TV does not flash then replace the battery in your Apple remote.

Connect Apple tv remote to siri remote and if apple TV Siri remote is connecting to your apple TV, the best thing is performing a factory reset. To do that process, you need to get USB cable. When you got it, then you cannot connect the Apple Remote to iTunes and perform the factory reset.

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How to use iPhone or iPad as a remote for your Apple TV:

First check that you are using the same wifi network and you have a home sharing setup. Then follow the below steps.

Step 1: First, connect your iDevice to Wifi network at home and ensure that you have the Remote app.

Step 2: And check whether your Apple TV is connected to the same wifi(it is mandatory for your remote app to communicate with your Apple TV).

Step 3: Switch on your Apple TV and go for settings, then open general. IN that go to Remotes and choose Remote app.

Step 4: If required type Apple ID and password for home sharing. Then get your iDevice and launch Remote.

Step 5: Now, go for settings and hit Apple TV.

Step 6: After a few minutes, the app will pair with Apple TV. Now, you can use your iphone or iPad to control your Apple TV.


These methods may help users to get rid of the problems with apple TV remote. So, by using these methods may solve the issuse.

Vangari Divya
Vangari Divya
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