Install Google Play Store on Hisense Smart tv

You cant install google play store on Hisense smart tv directly and there are few workarounds like installing Chromecast, any streaming device like Roku etc.

On Hisense smart tv Android OS (Google tv) you will have google play store installed by default and you can access google play store by going to apps section and find Google Play Store App and install apps from Google Play Store on Hisense tv.

For enjoying Hisense smart tv features and its picturization and install apps on Hisense smart tv via google play store or install apps on hisense using USB and add apps to hisense tv. To acquire some extra applications we need google play store which provides a lot of applications in ways free and paid subscription for this search criteria of this have been increased. Now- a-days technology has become people friendly because of developing more smart devices.

install Google Play Store on Hisense Smart tv

With this google play store application we can download whatever we want to download for our use. After that you are also able to play videos, games, watch movies by mirroring the screen of your Hisense smart tv and install kodi on hisense smart tv.

Install Google Play Store On Hisense Smart tv

install Play Store for Hisense Smart tv

Step:1 Firstly open search engine of your choice on your laptop or PC

Step:2 Now download play store app extension file from search engine

Step:3 Next connect USB flash drive to laptop or PC

Step:4 After that copy the app file which you have downloaded, now paste it on flash drive.

Step:5 Now connect the flash drive to smart tv

Step:6 You can access this app file by using built-in file explorer which is already present  in your Tv

Step:7 Now check for the USB flash drive and go to that app folder where  you later download google play store app.

Step:8 Now choose the APK file to continue the installation process

Step:9 After completion of installation of play store app you can see it in the list of app on your smart tv.

From the above mentioned steps it is very convenient to install google play store on hisense smart tv for accessing various apps for streaming and playing videos games and watching movies.

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Download Google Play Store for Hisense Smart tv?

You need to download google play store from your laptop or pc or by using play store app extension the .apk file and download play store and keep it on your flash drive.

Check Hisense Smart tv is Compatible or Not

First thing is to check if your smart tv is compatible with google play store or not. For this on your Tv click on the home button. Then if you find a play store icon then downloading play stores is suitable for your Tv. After that you have to check the operating system of your smart tv. You can check it in the settings option. Like you can install google play on samsung smart tv? but Samsung smart tv does not run on Android OS it has a different operating system in samsung smart tv. If it is an android OS you can install google play store app by following below mentioned steps.

Can I Install Google Play Store on Hisense Smart tv?

Yes! You can install by downloading .apk or play store from google and installing it on hisense smart tv via USB flash drive, you can install google play store in hisense smart tv.

Do all Hisense TV have App Store?

Yes! Few Hisense smart tv runs on Android OS and VIDAA OS or Google TV and it has google play store app to install apps on Hisense smart tv. Not All Hisense smart tv which runs on non-android Operating system doesn’t have Google play store pre-installed and you need to use Roku, firestick, or Chromecast and install google play store on Hisense smart tv and there will be no google play store on hisense smart tv if its VIDAA os or any other OS.

Google Play Store APK for Hisense Smart TV

You can sideload google play store APK on hisnese smart tv and download it from any thirdparty apk provider and allow unknow sources to install and enable developer mode and install google playstore apk on hisense tv.

No Google Play Store on Hisense Smart tv

If you are searching for google play store on your Hisense smart tv and you cant find google play store and then there is no google play store app.

Hisense smart tv is not android Hisense smart tv and it is having vidaa OS and you need to sideload google play store app and install it or you can simply screen mirror or cast apps from your android to Hisense smart tv.

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