factory reset hisense smart tv

Factory Reset Hisense Smart tv Restore Default Settings

If you are having Hisense smart tv and your Hisense smart tv is not responding, Hisense tv no signal or blank screen or apps not loading on Hisense smart tv, then you fix all these issues at a time by just doing a factory reset Hisense smart tv, so lets see in detail how to perform.

how to factory reset hisense smart tv
how to factory reset hisense smart tv

How to Factory reset Hisense Smart tv:

Step 1: Turn on your Hisense smart tv and grab your remote and press home button

Step 2: Navigate to top right -> Gear icon (settings) and press ok.

Step 3: Scroll down and highlight device preferences and press ok.

Step 4: Scroll down and Select Reset and Press ok.

Step 5: Now, select Reset and OK.

Step 6 Click on reset everything.

Step 7: Confirm by selecting reset again and perform factory reset on Hisense smart tv.

That’s, it, once you press reset your Hisense smart tv will perform factory reset and restore its settings to back to its original settings like a brand new Hisense smart tv.

Does Factory reset Hisense smart tv wipes out all data?

Yes! When you perform factory reset then all your data like, user data, internal storage, google accounts, apps, networks WIFI users and everything will be deleted from your Hisense smart tv.

Does Internal storage data will be deleted in factory reset?

Yes! Factory reset wipes out all data including internal storage as well.

How to factory reset Hisense smart tv if remote is not working?

You can still perform factory reset if your Hisense remote is not working then you can factory reset by using remote buttons on Hisense smart tv.

Factory reset Hisense smart tv?

Home-Settings->Device Preferences->Reset->Erase Everything and press ok and confirm factory resetting Hisense smart tv.