How to Reset Google Chrome to Default Settings

  • To reset google chrome to default settings back to its original -> 3 dots menu on top right corner -> Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Reset and Clean up -> Select Reset to original default settings and confirm reset settings on chrome.
  • If your chrome browser is not responding or your chrome browser is infected with virus or annoying popup ads, then you need to reset chrome to default settings and install chrome browser again to get rid of any issues with chrome browser.

Browser hijacking is very real things and you may see you may be redirected to some other shopping websites and your default chrome browser is change from google to bing or yahoo or any other search engine and you may see if you are google chrome browser has been hijacked include unwanted toolbars add to your homepage changing but you didn’t do it or you start seeing your search results in a search engine that is not google and if you running into problems your first step to clean things up and reset google chrome to its default original settings to see if that gets things back in working order. So, lets see in detail below.

Reset Google Chrome to Default Settings

Steps to completely reset google chrome to its default settings.

Step 1: launch the google chrome web browser,and then click on the “menu” icon to display a menu.The menu icon features three articles ellipses.

Step 2: click “settings” in the menu.then the settings screen is displayed.

Step 3: select “advanced”in the menu on the left side of the screen to see more options,and then click “reset and clean up” in that list.Options associated with  resetting and cleaning up google chrome are shown on the right side of the screen.

Step 4: click on “restore settings to their original defaults” the reset settings dialog box is displayed,letting you know that moving forward will reset your startup your startup page, new tab page search engine and pinned tabs as well as disabling all extensions and clearing your temporary cookies. Bookmarks and history and saved passwords will not be cleared as part of resetting your google chrome settings back to default.

Step 5: choose “reset settings”. Then the dialog box will close and your google chrome settings will automatically be completely reset.

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What Changes to Default Settings when Resetting Chrome?

When you reset chrome to default settings there are many chrome settings that will be restored to its default settings and data will be deleted like Chrome default search engine, new tab page, extensions and themes, cookies and site data, homepage and tabs and any other settings which have been changed by you will be restored to its default settings.  

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