How to Fix Chrome Not Opening in Windows 11 or Windows 10


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  • To fix chrome not opening on windows 11 or windows 11 you need to delete chrome dll file and flush DNS using command prompt in windows 10.

On your windows 11 computer or windows 10 if you are having issue with google chrome not opening when you open or chrome keeps crashing, you can uninstall and install google chrome browser to get rid of this issue, but you will lose all data like login details, added extension and etc. Without uninstalling and installing you can fix as well, by using simple chrome troubleshooting methods, so let’s see how to do that and resolve chrome not opening issue.

Fix: Chrome Not Opening in Windows 11 or Windows 10 Computer

Step 1: Click on the search icon on windows 11 or windows 10 taskbar.

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Step 2: In windows search -> type in chrome and right click on it -> select open file location option.

Step 3: Now, locate google chrome shortcut icon here in this folder and right click on it -> select and open file location option by just clicking on it.

Step 4: Now, in this folder you can see a folder name with numbers -> which is a version number of your google chrome browser.

Step 5: Double click on the numbers folder -> you can see a file named chrome.dll file -> Right click on chrome.dll and delete it by selecting trash icon (windows 11) and simple delete it on windows 10 using keyboard or by right clicking on delete option.

Step 6: Now, open up search again -> type in CMD and right click on cmd and select Run as administrator option (if you receive user account control -> click on YES.

Step 7: In this command prompt window -> type in ipconfig /flushdns and hit enter.

Step 8: Now, in command prompt -> type in netsh winsock reset and hit enter.

Step 9: Now, once you reset winsock -> you need to restart your computer -> go ahead and restart your computer.

That;s it, once you restart your computer you will be able to open google chrome browser without any issues and chrome not opening in windows 11 or windows 10 issue will be resolved successfully.

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What Causes Chrome Not Opening in Windows 11 or Windows 10

If you install too many extensions or your chrome browser is affected with malware or any virus which is preventing google chrome to open or any other software’s will cause these issues,

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