How to Connect Disney Plus To Chromecast

This teaches you how to watch your favourite show’s , movies on your Google Chromecast. If you are using Disney plus Application on a mobile or tablet just click on Chromecast, from the top – right corner of your screen then tap on Chromecast and you can also cast disney plus hotstar to smart tv using android and iphone and also install Disney plus on Samsung smart tv or ant other smart tv.

 If your watching in any search engine (Google, firefox ,chrome) on a computer you will find a cast option in the menu options of web browser’s.

How to connect Disney Plus to Chromecast

Method: 1 Connect Disney Plus Using a Mobile or Tablet

Download Your Disney Plus Application  On Your Android, iPhone or iPad

Step1: Firstly,you need to download your application from Play Store (android) Or Application store ( iphone, iPad).

Step 2: To download or sign in to the Disney plus application you need to visit official disneyplus ( and

Step 3: Connect your phone to wifi: You must connect with the same wifi network both on your phone and the Chromecast as it enables the TV to connect and gives an option to cast (symbol) when video plays on your mobile so that your can mirror and cast Disney plus content using chromecast.

Step 3: Now, Open Disney Plus application and Login : The colour of the Disney plus icon is in blue colour. Then inside the application you will find an Application drawer in android(3 vertical lines / hamburger menu)  and if you are using iphone or ipad you will find it on the icon and If you are not signed in then click on “log in”

Step 4: Select a show or movie and start casting using chromecast : now, you need to click on the search option and then search whatever you want to watch by searching in search bar and select which movie you want to watch. 

Step 5: Click on Cast icon: Once you have selected your movie -> go ahead to the top right screen and you will find three curved lines. Then there you can find a scan option for available Chromecasts 

Step 6: Tap on Chromecast: After clicking on Chromecast you can start watching your shows , movies, online streaming, sports, news and any content on disney plus on your television.

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Method 2: Connect Disney Plus to Chromecast with WIFI computer

Step 1: Connect your computer to the same wifi:  Your computer is not already connected to the same wifi network as Chromecast or Chromecast enabled television,so you need to connect to the device as step 2.

Step 2: Open Chrome: If you do not have chrome in your computer, You can download it from link

Step 3: Navigate to -> After searching you will find an option of login and log in with your disney plus login credentials,if you are already signed in no need to sign up( just login) and if you havent singed up -> go ahead and click on signup option. 

Step 4: Select a show or movie:  In the search option you can search movies or shows and you can start watching it . You watch your any favourite shows or movies bu searching on it .

Step 5: Click Cast On Menu: Chrome will now scan for available Chromecasts and display them in pop up window.

Step 6: Click On Chromecast: After clicking on Chromecast you can start watching your shows , movies on your television, your hotstar disneyplus content will be start mirroring on your smart tv using wifi computer (chrome).

Step 7: If you don’t find Chromecasts in your list Make sure that your Chromecast is enabled. 

Disney plus to chromecast not showing or not connecting?

If you don’t find a Chromecasts in your list Make sure that your Chromecast enabled devices must be turned on and make sure that it must be connected to the same wifi and if you are on the different wifi network like mobile data or another wifi network then you disney plus to chromecast will not work.

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