How to Connect Amazon Fire Stick to TV

  • Connect Firestick to Back of your tv and one outlet to power source -> Use USB cable to connect the power adaptor and your tv -> turn on our tv and pair your amazon firestick remote and register and setup firestick.

Amazon fire stick can be used for streaming shows, movies to control your smart home. You can also get the weather without turning on a channel. These streaming devices are largely same But the  streaming quality and remote control buttons are  the major different features and if you want to connect amazon fire stick to tv then you can buy a firestick and just insert it on back of your tv with HDMI, with USB port, without remote, wirelessly as well. 

So, here is our guide for how to connect amazon fire stick TV  which is one of the most popular streaming devices of the company.

How to Connect Amazon Fire Stick to TV

Step 1: Connect “USB micro cable” one end to the “power adapter”.

Step 2: Switch other end to “fire stick” and connect firestick to “HDMI port” of your TV.

Step 3: Press home button on your TV remote and press “pause/play button”.

Step 4: Now, choose your language and WI-FI network or internet connection.

Step 5: Then enter details of WI-FI password and connect.

Step 6: Choose “create an account” or “register”. Enter your password and sign in. 

Step 7:  If you have two factor  authentication on amazon, enable it. Now you will get a confirmation code to your registered phone number and confirm it. From that your account has signed in.

Step 8: Choose “yes” or “No” option to internet connection and in or out for parental controls.

Step 9: “Select” or “decline” for sign up for prime account.

Step 10: Select choose apps to download amazon apps or click on No thanks for skip.

Step 11: If you want to select most popular services then click on right for TV channels, sports Apps etc.

Step 12: After selection of channels and apps, click on right to get featured apps and select to play proceed.

Step 13: Finally, click on download apps.Still you have any doubt to connect firestick to TV contact technician of TV or amazon customer for help.

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Amazon firestick tv not connecting to tv?

Once you setup and connect amazon firestick to tv and firestick tv not responding then you need to perform power reset by unplugging power cables and wait for 30 seconds and restart your tv.

Other  Ways to Connect Amazon firestick to TV?

You can connect amazon firestick to tv with USB cable, wifi wirelessly, tv remote, power adaptor.

Remote not working after connecting Amazon firestick to tv?

If your remote is not working to amazon firestick tv then you need to unpair and pair your firestick remote again to fix remote now working issue with firestick.

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