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Disable and Enable cookies on chrome and Firefox

  • When your browser does not respond or google chrome browser stopped working or chrome crashes then you need to clear cookies and disable cookies to get your browser working.
  • To disable cookies on chrome -> Open chrome browser -> Click on 3 dots -> Settings -> Privacy and security -> select Cookies -> block cookies and disable cookies or delete cookies from here.
  • Cookies often track your data and it’s good to clear and disable browsers tracking your data or browsing history by using cookies.

If we enable or disable cookies in our browser, we can use the browser more comfortably. These cookies save our login details to make our sign in process easier. If once you enable browser cookies it will display the site details you last visited along with customize content. It will be especially useful when we visited a shopping site if we enable cookies so we can view already searched products. At present situation privacy became serious issue. In order to overcome the situation most advanced browser now providing private searching Windows to allow our browsing with no tracking by third-person. Let see how browser experience if we enable cookies or by adjusting preferences. In this article we are providing little details of how to manage our cookies in chrome, Firefox for both mobile and desktop.

Type:1 Disable/enable cookies on google chrome for desktop

Let see some quick steps for enabling and disabling cookies in google chrome o  desktop 

Step:1 Firstly Open chrome on the desktop.

Step:2 Next tap on main menu(three dots) which is on top right corner in chrome, and select settings

Step:3 After that tap on ‘privacy and security‘ option which navigated you to ‘cookies and other site data

Step:5 Then select ‘General settings’ option for customize how to block chrome cookies 

Step:6 Else you can ‘block third party cookies’ which will improve browsing experience.

Step:7 If you click on ‘block all cookies’ option means it won’t allow cookies from all sites.

Step:8 Choose ‘allow all cookies’ If we want to allow cookies from websites

Type: 2 Disable/ enable cookies of Google Chrome in Mobile

Use this steps if you want to enable / disable cookies in chrome

Step:1 Open chrome in your mobile 

Step:2 Now click on three dots which is available  on top right corner in your device.

Step:3 Next select ‘settings’  option which navigated you to ‘site settings’ 

Step:4 From ‘site settings’ option choose ‘cookies’ option 

Step:5 After that choose block third party cookies in incognito, block third party cookies, block all cookies. If you want to enable cookies click on ‘allow cookies’ option.

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Type:3 Enable/Disable cookies for Mozilla Firefox in desktop

Let follow the steps to manage cookies settings on Mozilla Firefox browser on desktop

Step:1 Open  Mozilla desktop in your device.

Step:2 Now select ‘hamburger menu’  After that  select ‘option’.

Step:3 Next select ‘privacy and security’ option which is on the left panel, then choose ‘custom’ option  followed by ‘enhanced tracking protection’ title.

Step:4 After selecting ‘custom’ option now select type of cookies you want to disable which is below the custom option

Step:5 From that ‘cookies’ option  choose: cross site cookies, all third party cookies, cookies from unvisited website etc.

Step:6 If you want to enable cookies click on ‘allow cookies’ option.

Type:4 Enabling / Disabling cookies on mobile Mozilla Firefox

Step:1 Open Mozilla Firefox browser

Step:2 Select main menu (three dots) on the top right corner of your device and select ‘settings’ option

Step:3 Next select ‘enhanced tracking protection’. It is set to standard.

Step:4 Now click on ‘custom’ option

Step:5 It navigates you to ‘cookies’ option and chooses ‘cookies preferences’ according to your requirements which are available under cookies option.

From the above mentioned types your work becomes easy in enabling/ disabling cookies. If you want to Erase/ keep cookies on your specific browser it depends on you. If it’s good for you, allow cookies . If it is not good for you, block that cookie.

Disable Cookies for Specific Site Firefox?

To Disable cookies on one site or site specific cookies -> Firefox menu -> Preferences -> Privacy & Security -> Cookies and site data protection -> Now, type in the exact url of a website to disable cookies on mozilla firefox of site specific website

FAQ: Disable cookies or Enable cookies on Google Chrome and Mozilla

Open Google chrome browser -> in URL bar enter this url -> chrome://settings/cookies and press enter and disable or enable or delete cookies from Google chrome.

yes ! you can block cookies stop tracking your data for a specific sites or one particular sites. copy and paste this url in google chrome browser chrome://settings/cookies and hit enter and enter the url of the website which you want to block and save.

Yes ! and to clear cookies for one site -> Settings -> advanced settings -> Content settings -> Cookies -> Scroll down and here all the tracked cookies from different websites which you browse will be listed. Go ahead and select the website of one site which you want to clear cookies and click on apply and clear cookies.

To track user data and user interaction and interests and to display advertisements google chrome will track data and other third party browser websites as well.

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