Incognito Private browsing

Incognito Private browsing on android Chrome, Opera

Now-a-days, the whole thing is depending upon internet browsing with the evolving technology on mobile device like android, iPhone and this is happening due to advancement in the technology. This may lead to third party apps tracking your data when you’re online and login with different details which may include your operating system and location and so on. To override this scenario private browsing became more popular which provides users privacy from unnamed trackers for securely using the web.

Many android devices providing google chrome as a default web browser for it users. In android devices it providing incognito mode which is used by users for their private browsing. In order to access this option by simply using ‘New incognito Window’ in your google chrome. This new tab available on the top right corner of the menu option in google chrome.

With this incognito mode the user it protected from anonymous users while browsing. Let’s follow some simple steps for browsing privately in google chrome in android phone.

Incognito tab Chrome Private browsing on Android Phone

Step 1: Open Google chrome in your android phone.


Step 2: After opening google chrome click on the menu option which is available on

the top right corner of the browser.

Step3: After opening click on ‘New incognito tab’ option.

Step 4: Then you easily browse your requirements.

With these steps you can browse easily according your requirement along with privacy for your data.

Let’s see how to add a shortcut key of private browsing on your home screen for easy access to browsing.

Add Incognito private browsing shortcut on Google Chrome

Step 1: Now tap on the menu option in the google chrome.

Step 2: Then click on settings option.

Step 3: After opening settings click on private browsing which is available under

privacy and security option.

Step 4: And then tap on add private browsing shortcut.

By following these steps you can add a shortcut to your home screen. From this we can conclude with this you can easily browse your wants privately without any third party accessing.

How to see incognito history on android?

Navigate to browser history tab -> tap on view incognito history on Android device. In android device it allows you to see incognito history but on Desktop chrome it will not allow you check the history once the tab is closed.

How to disable incognito mode on Android?

To disable incognito mode on android without root then you need to install third party application from playstore app incovito and disable incognito mode on android for chrome.