Delete Chrome Incognito Mode History on Android Phone


If you are viewing the chrome browser in incognito mode, then chrome will still be able to see and view incognito mode history and you need to delete chrome incognito mode history from your android device to make your incognito view history delete from chrome. So, lets see in detail below.

Delete Incognito Mode History on Chrome on Android Devices

Step 1: Open chrome browser on Android device.

Step 2: In chrome url – type chrome://chrome-urls/ and tap on go.

Step 3: It will display a list of chrome urls in your browser.

Step 4: Now, Scroll down and Tap on chrome://net-internals option and open link

Step 5: Now, click on the DNS tab on left side menu

Step 6: Tap on Clear Host Cache and it will delete chrome incognito mode history on your android devices.

That’s it, this is how you delete chrome incognito mode search history or view history from your chrome browser on android device.

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View my incognito history on android without App

To view incognito history on chrome browser on your android device without using any third party app, then open chrome browser and type chrome://history/ and the list of incognito mode view history will be displayed on your mobile device.

Can you see someone’s incognito history on Android?

Yes! If someone knows how to view and see chrome incognito browser history by using chrome built in commands then they will be able to see chrome incognito mode history and by entering chrome://history url in url bar in google chrome browser.

How Do I Check My Child’s Incognito History?

You can check incognito mode history on chrome browser by accessing DNS cache and if you are using windows computer then open command prompt and enter ipconfig /displaydns and hit enter and it will display complete history of chrome incognito mode browsing and search history.

You can access chrome incognito mode view and search history by entering chrome://history in url bar as well.

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