How to Fix Google Chrome Top Toolbar Missing


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  • To fix google chrome top toolbar missing -> On your keyboard Press control + Shift + B at the same time and enable Google chrome top toolbar.
  • To disable google chrome top toolbar -> Press control + Shift + B again and it will hide google chrome top toolbar and bookmarks tool bar and home button.
  • You can also go to Google chrome settings -> Appearance -> Enable show bookmarks option as well.

When you are trying to access google chrome bookmarks or if you are trying to go to home on google chrome browser and you see there is no top toolbar showing on your google chrome browser then you can easily turn on these options and access google chrome toolbar on your chrome browser. So, let’s see in detail below.

Google chrome browser top toolbar will not show until it is enable in google chrome accessibility settings and you can easily enable them using settings and also enable chrome tool bar settings using keyboard shortcut key -> Control + Shift + B at the same time.

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Fix Google Chrome Top Toolbar Missing

Below methods will help you get back your missing top tool bar on your google chrome browser.

Step 1: Open google chrome settings by clicking on 3 horizontal dots on top right corner,

Step 2: Now, Click on Settings at bottom.

Step 3: On left side menu -> Click on Appearance.

Step 4: Turn on Show Bookmarks by toggling the button next to it.

Step 5: Turn on Show home button and turn on the button next to it.

One you turn on these two options in appearance settings on google chrome browser then your issue of toolbar missing or Google chrome top toolbar missing or bookmarks missing on google chrome browser issue will be resolved.

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Why is Google Chrome Top Toolbar Missing

If your google chrome top toolbar is missing then this means that it show bookmarks tab and show home button option is disable on your google chrome browser settings and you need to enable these options and if there are any faulty extensions can lead this issue and you can see chrome toolbar missing on top.

Does Google Chrome Top Toolbar Enabled By Default

No! Google chrome top toolbar or bookmarks will not be enabled by default and you need to enable these option to see bookmarks tool bar on top of your google chrome browser and this depends on the version of google chrome browser you are installing as well.

Keyboard Shortcut to Enable Chrome toolbar on top

Press control + Shift + B at the same time on your keyboard and chrome top toolbar will be enabled and it will show top toolbar on google chrome.


How do I get my Chrome top toolbar back?

Simple press control + Shift + B on your keyboard to enable chrome top toolbar and also you can go to settings and appearance and enable show bookmarks option.

Disable Google Chrome top toolbar

Press control + shift + B option and disable and enable google chrome top toolbar.

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