Fix Google Chrome Failed Download Error

How to Fix Google Chrome Failed Download Error

  • To fix Google chrome failed download error when downloading files -> you need to try different browser and try to download file
  • Disable chrome privacy and security -> Turn off safe browsing and disable layer of security which is preventing download and then try download file on chrome browser.
  • Make sure that you trust the website that you are downloading files from different websites or else you will have issues with chrome browser after downloading files.

On your windows computer or on your MacBook when you are trying to download files or downloading large files using chrome browser or a small file size on your computer then you can experience issues sometimes chrome download failed error and you can fix this error easily. So, let’s see in details below.

By changing a few chrome settings on you can speed up chrome download limit and speed up your chrome downloading speed as well and fix chrome failed download error or couldn’t download network issue or security issues while downloading files from google chrome.

Fix Google Chrome Failed Download Error

Below chrome troubleshooting methods will help you fix google chrome failed to download or download failed on chrome

Try Downloading From Different Browser

If Google is not downloading files on your chrome browser then you need to try downloading files on Mozilla Firefox or Edge browser or any other browser and see whether you are trying to download files on different browser and chrome is not allowing files to download.

Change Privacy and Security Settings 

Step 1: Click on 3 dots on top right corner

Step 2: Click on Settings

Step 3: Privacy and Security

Step 4: Now, click on the Security option.

Step 5: Click on Radio button (No Protection (not Recommend) 

Step 6: In the pop up menu turn off safe browsing.

That’s it, once you change these settings and turn off security and turn off safe browsing secutiy settings then go ahead and try to download files on your chrome browser and your chrome will start download files without any issues and you will not experience any issue of google chrome failed download error.

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Network Issues

If you are having any network issues on your computer and google chrome is detecting network issues then you can also experience chrome download failed.

Check Downloading website

If there is any issue with the website that you are trying to download a file from and that website is having any issue like server issue or any other issue with their websites also you will get chrome download error as well and you need to wait for couple of hours and then try download files.

Why Chrome Download gets Failed

This is due to the security reasons and the file which you are downloading may harm your computer and have issues after download and chrome prevents files that may harm your computer and if you even want to download files then you need to disable or turn off chrome safe browsing and download files on chrome.