Disable or Enable Copilot on Edge Browser Sidebar?

On your Microsoft edge browser if you want to use copilot then you need to sign into your Microsoft account by going to this bing.com/chat and sign in or if you don’t have Microsoft or Bing account then you need to create one to use copilot on your Microsoft edge browser.

After signing up for copilot bing.com/chat then login with the same microsoft email account and you will see copilot on top right side (next to 3 lines) and you can click on it and start using copilot on your edge browser.

Copilot on the edge browser will display on the top right hand side and sometimes, this can be confusing or irritating using AI Copilot all times and you may want to disable it for a few reasons and you can disable copilot and enable copilot app to appear on the sidebar of edge browser.

Can i Accept Copilot on Microsoft Edge Browser

Yes! Microsoft brought copilot AI right into Microsoft edge browser and you can use copilot ai edge browser desktop and mobile and get help with Microsoft Copilot AI and summarize content, chat with AI and compose right in edge browser.

Can i Use Copilot on Microsoft Mobile App Edge Browser?

You can also use copilot in the edge browser mobile App also but you need to login with your same copilot account and start using it on mobile.

You can also customize and manage copilot usage and allow microsoft to access page content and disable and enable copilot to show in the edge browser as well.

Disable Copilot on Edge Browser 

Step 1: Open Edge Browser and Click on 3 lines on top right corner

Step 2: Click on Settings

Step 3: Click on Sidebar (on left side menu) in settings

Step 4: On right hand side -> Under App and Notification Settings you will see all apps here

Step 5: Under App Specific Settings -> Click on Copilot

Step 6: Toggle button Next to Show Copilot and turn it off to disable Copilot from displaying on the right side bar.

Step 7: Click on Restart button and restart edge browser to make changes take effect.

That’s it, this is how you disable copilot from the edge browser sidebar and you will not see copilot on the edge browser.

Enable Copilot to Appear on Sidebar on Edge Browser 

You can follow these simple steps and enable copilot to show on the sidebar of your edge browser and use copilot on the edge browser directly.

Step 1: Open edge browser settings -> Click on sidebar

Step 2: Click on Copilot App under App specific settings

Step 3: Toggle button Next to Show Copilot and enable it on Microsoft Edge browser.

Once you enable the copilot app to show in the sidebar you will see the copilot on the top right hand side sidebar.

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