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Why Samsung tv Not Responding to Remote

If Samsung tv is not responding to remote then there is an issue with batteries or dust or debris stuck inside your remote and it can be due to buttons getting stuck inside sometimes and also cause Samsung tv remote not responding to remote.

First thing you need to do is check if the samsung tv remote is not working or not responding when pressing the button to change batteries and make sure you are not blocking samsung tv ir and move any particles or things kept blocking remote signal in front of samsung tv.

Why Samsung tv Not Responding to Remote?

Mostly these are the main issues if the remote does not respond on your samsung tv is due to bad battery, dust or debris stuck inside remote, remote got damaged (if its dropped accidentally) becomes defective, blocking remote sensors or remote is not in range of samsung tv.

Solve Samsung tv Not Responding to Remote Issue

By following below methods you can resolve samsung tv not responding to remote issues easily.

Change Batteries

Step 1: Grab your samsung tv remote and remove remote back panel completely out and remove both batteries

Step 2: Insert new set of batteries into samsung tv remote and close remote back panel.

Step 3: Now, press the power button and volume button and other buttons and your remote will start responding to samsung tv.

Clean Remote

If your samsung tv remote is filled with dust or debris inside samsung tv remote then it will block when you press buttons and this will prevent samsung tv to work properly and you need to remove both batteries for battery outlet of samsung tv remote and then grab a cleaning brush and clean samsung tv remote and blow some air and check with samsung tv remote is responding or not.

Remote Buttons Gets Stuck

If dust is stuck inside remote buttons then when you press power button, volume button or channel button only few buttons will work and in this case you need to remove batteries from samsung tv remote and then press hard in and out remote buttons and blow some air so that anything stuck inside should go away. 

Remove Obstacles 

If you have kept anything in front of samsung tv which is blocking remote infrared signals from remote then remote will not respond and if there are any objects in front of tv then remove them.

Be in Range

When using samsung smart tv remote make sure you are in range and close to samsung tv and use tv remote and if you are far away from samsung tv then when you press buttons on remote samsung tv will not pick up remote signals if you are little far away, so come close to samsung tv and use remote.

Pair Samsung tv Remote

To use samsung tv remote you need to pair your samsung tv remote with your samsung tv and to pair samsung tv remote, turn on samsung tv and press and hold back button and play/pause button for 3 to 5 seconds and then pair remote popup will appear and then follow on screen instructions to pair samsung tv remote with samsung tv.

After parking the Samsung tv remote with your Samsung tv then your Samsung tv remote will start working and start responding to buttons when you press them.

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