How to Change Default Search Engine in Chrome

In google chrome default search engine can be changed and customized easily and you can change and keep your favourite search engine as you default search engine. So, lets see in details how can we change default search engine in chrome in detail.

When you open google chrome an search in url bar, by default google chrome brings up the search results from google chrome. If you are fan of other search engine like bing, yahoo, ASK, Aol and etc then you can change this default search engine results and change it to your favourite search engine.

Change default search engine in chrome:

Step 1: Open Google chrome browse and on top right corner click on three dots.

Step 2: Now select settings.

Step 3:  From the left side menu -> click on Search engine

Step 4: Now, change search engine used in address bar option to your favourite search engine by using drop down options and add available search engines to chrome default search engine like AOL, Yahoo, Bing and google.

That’s, it, this is how you change default search engine in chrome. Once you change the search engine option to Bing or any, go ahead and type or search in google chrome and search results will be displayed from selected search engine option in settings.

Change default search engine
Change default search engine

What are the default search engines in Chrome bowser

By default chrome has 5 search engines and you can select any one of them as your default search engine and they are :

  • Google
  • Bing
  • yahoo
  • AOL
  • DuckDuckGo

And default search engines in chrome can also change as per region as well, if you install chrome browser from united states region then chrome browser will include AOL as search engine in chrome and if you install google chrome from INDIA then AOL will not be listed in the default search engine.

Set your default search engine google query url:

You can also set your default search engine using query by adding a new search engine and when you add new search engine, you need to provide Search engine name, keyword and URL with %s in place of query and if you want to add default search engine google query url will be

What is the default search engine in google chrome

Google, Bing, Yahoo and AOL are the default search engines available on chrome browser.

Can I add another search engine on chrome browser?

Yes! in search engine settings page you can click on add new search engine and provide search engine name, keyword and url of search engine.

Google chrome search engine url to add in chrome browser?

URL with %s in place of query of google will be

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