How to Install HBO MAX on Vizio smart TV

  • To install hbo max on vizio smart tv -> HBO max is now available on vizio smart tv apps and smart cast app as well -> Go to Visit Smart tv app store -> Search for HBO Max -> Click on download and install.
  • You can also install vizio smart tv by using chromecast and by using browser and by downloading apk file as well.
  • To watch hbo max on vizio smart tv you need to have active hbo max subscription plan.

HBO brought a new version of it is HBO max and they can access to latest shows and install apps on vizio smart tv like prime video, Netflix app, Discovery plus and other apps and watch/stream movies which are famous from world wide. These HBO max also available in smart TVs before that the difference between HBO and HBO max is that can stream various videos over HBO subscription on HBO now and they can stream latest version using HBO GO which is the function of cable operation along with this HBO max which is the function of cable operation along with this HBO max has movies, series, TV show and videos.

Install HBO MAX on Vizio tv

If you want to watch hbo max on vizio smart tv you can watch it and if the user who have HBO max subscription account can directly access HBO max. If the user without HBO max subscription has to create new account but the new account can valid themselves for a 7 days free trial.

Install HBO as on Vizio smart TV

The consumer can access HBO max app by using APK files and install third party apps on vizio or side loading apps may also install the hbo max app without the interference of Appstore and with the help of USB flash drive. So, before installation there are some changes you have to do in settings.

Step 1: Switch on your TV and go for the settings. Now you have to select the “device“.

Step 2: Tap on About and choose network. After that user should verify and have to note down the IP address.

Step 3: Now, select the developer option. Then the user should confirm the apps and debugging ABD from unknown source on Vizio smart TV.

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Install HBO max on Vizio smart TV using web browser:

Step 1: User should open PC or laptop and open web browser on interent. Then select Google play store.

Step 2: Search for the HBO max app once the app is found then open information page.

Step 3: Now, it will redirect to Google account then the user can see window with various device name.

Step 4: From that select Vizio smart TV, specify the name and IP address

Step 5: You can see a popup that app will be installed on smart TV and click on OK.

Step 6: Then user should power on Vizio smart TV to complete the process of installation.

By Using Chromecast

Step 1: Turn on Vizio smart TV and then take your Andriod or IOS device. TV and other devices should connect to same wifi networks.

Step 2: Now you have to install the app using Appstore and login the app.

Step 3: After that click on cast icon which shown on top from Android or IOS device.

Step 4: Then select the device name I.e. Vizio smart TV and the user should allow the HBO max app to cast on Vizio smart TV.

Step 5: Now, user can watch the screen cast on Vizio smart TV.

That’s it, this is how watch hbo max on vizio smart  tv by using chromecast and download and install hbo max on vizio smart tv.

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