How to Install Twitch on Vizio Smart TV

Twitch app is one of the online streaming gaming video and currently it is owned by the Amazon these app can access both online gaming and entertainment. Now a days online gaming became very popular among all the generations and mostly favourite for teenagers because there is lot of games available in various platforms that you can add or delete many apps from device.

Apart from these Vizio TV allow you to stream movies through the installed apps or movies in that Twitch TV app is one.

Twitch app is similar to the Facebook the way you can follow other people and chat with them separately or group chat. These app also have the prime subscription and for free trial you can use the Twitch app account but these Twitch app comes with two subscription package namely Twitch Turbo and Twitch prime.

Features of Twitch TV app

  • There app has a separate chatroom with the other people as well as group you can chat while playing games.
  • Twitch app allow you to stream the tournament at any time during the day through Esports.
  • Twitch app available on a platform like IOS, Andriod, Firestick Vizio etc.
  • It is like a social messenger which is similar with facebook DM feature and  facility  with chatroom.

Download and Install Twitch TV on Vizio Smart TV

Twitch TV app almost available on all official platform in similar, way Vizio smart TV supports the official Twitch app in Appstore.

Step 1: First and the foremost thing is to switch on Vizio smart TV and scroll to the Homescreen to find out the Twitch TV.

Step 2: Next step is to make sure that same wifi network connected with devices involved to get the Twitch TV on Vizio smart TV.

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Step 3: Then click on “Home “or “V” button to open the Twitch TV app on TV, it will open access bar to get the Twitch TV app on Vizio smart search for twitch app and install the app.

Step 4: After installation, it will be ready for you to stream the online video games.

Step 5: When the app open, you can see the login screen. After login all subscribed channels will be visible.

That’s it, this is how you install twitch tv on your vizio smart tv and install apps on vizio smart tv as well.

Vangari Divya
Vangari Divya
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