How to Browse Internet on Vizio Smart TV

Vizio smart TV allows you to stream your favorite content like movies, songs, series etc., with HD quality. It offers access apps like Amazon, Netflix, Hotstar etc, for all these you need a stable network connection but nowadays there are many questions about internet connections and browsing of internet on Vizio smart TV. So, first you start pressing the V button on the remote on it’s right and that will bring up a menu on TV. Then you need to scroll and locate  your HDTV settings and push ok after that your source network or wifi name and click on ok simply put your password . Once it is connected it shows a wifi symbol and the connection is done successfully.

Browse Internet on Vizio Smart tv

Step 1: Many people has a doubt that Vizio smart TVs will have the internet or not but in Vizio smart TV you cannot get a web browser. But you can get an internet browser in smart TV by connecting the browser device to pc cable input.

Step 2: First, if you are using a Vizio smart TV, the basic thing you need an internet connection to access the app.

Step 3: Check for internet connection after you launch your Vizio smart TV and make changes in DHCP settings.

Step 4: Check for other devices for internet connection and try for other options.

Step 5: Even you can try resetting your TV setting, but before check your TV is connected or not.

Step 6: Finally, reset vizio smart TV and call vizio customer case if owned any help.

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Network Connection

If you want to use the browser, you have to connect to your internet by utilizing a wired or wireless system.

Wireless System

Step 1: Tap the menu button on Vizio TV remote, choose network option and tap OK.

Step 2: Check network connection and hit on wireless option. Then go with your wifi network.

Step 3: Now, In your home wifi enter your password and hit on OK button.

Wired Connection

Connect web by using wired link. Now, you have to connect the ethernet cable to your TV LAN port and other end to home wifi open LAN port.

Step 1: Click on the menu button on Vizio TV remote. Then choose your network option and hit on OK button.

Step 2: Choose a wired network and now you can browse anything you want.

So, in order to use Vizio smart TV you need to access the world wide web  located internet apps.

Step 3: First, you have to check whether your world wide link which is in touch with your TV or not.

Step 4: Then make some changes in DHCP settings, in order to access other unit and recast your TV setups.

That’s it, this is how you browse the internet on vizio smart tv using wired connection, using wifi and using a web browser on vizio smart tv.

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